Fugger: Julianne Moore

Critics’ Choice Movie Awards Fine or Fab: Julianne Moore in Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent always looks phoned in to me — like once they lost the Yves, they also lost the will to live — but this isn’t….I mean. It’s….I can’t even muster up the oomph to finish the sentence. IT’S FINE. THERE. Two words. Seven letters. One sweet apostrophe. I did it:

The 20th Annual Critics Choice Movie Awards in Hollywood

But FINE is probably exactly right when you won a Golden Globe on Sunday and you know that this — an event at which she also won — is just a pit stop on the commute to Oscarville. You have to leave something in the tank for the last ten miles of the journey, after all. (Maybe take a detour around the Sheer Bib Portion of the drive next time, though. It’s so unsightly and traffic is terrible.)

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Golden Globes Well Played: Julianne Moore in Givenchy

I said on GFY recently that I suspected Julianne Moore might dress more carefully this year, because she doesn’t want to run the table in a series of insane gowns that will live in infamy.

Julianne Moore Golden Globes 2015

I am one-for-one on THAT prediction.

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National Board of Review Gala Fug or Fab: Julianne Moore in Dolce & Gabbana

She looks SO HAPPY here, with her very dishy husband, that it might just be selling me on the whole thing.

Julianne Moore and Bart Freundlich ,

She may ALSO look so happy because she’s the front-runner for the Oscar this year, don’t you think? (I am sure she’s great in Still Alice, because everyone has said so [apparently Kristen Stewart is also fantastic in it], but I know me and I can’t see it. My own grandmother had early on-set Alzheimer’s and I just can’t watch a movie about it. That said: I love Julianne Moore and she’s a great actress and I want her to be happy and she deserves an Oscar for SOMETHING, that is for sure, so I am happy to sign off on this if someone will just bring me the paperwork.) She’s so happy and he’s so happy, that I just want to stamp this whole thing APPROVED and move right along. What do you think?

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Still Fuglice: Julianne Moore in Delpozo at the Palm Springs Film Festival

I’m tired of the phrase “broke the Internet” — ALREADY; that was fast — but it certainly felt like that’s what happened on Twitter when Julianne Moore stepped out in this over the weekend. People HATED it. I don’t disagree with them.

Julianne Moore 26th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Film Festival Awards Gala

This is very Julianne in theory – she loves weird shapes and catastrophic cuts — but in practice it’s SO Chloe Grace Moretz at the Teen Choice Awards, accepting a gaudy prop trophy for Choice Teen Idol Making Moony Eyes At A Guy Who Will Drop Off The Radar, and reveling in the fact that when you’re seventeen you can wear high-fashion camping equipment and people will smile and call it a phase. The decals look like she bought them at Target and stuck them on herself, and the sleeves have Bovine Ear Syndrome. Seriously, look at the line of the top. It’s a cow’s forehead and ears. That’s all I can see now.

As for the shoes, they’re the Givenchy take on that personality-free style. She’s worn them before; they are the Hayden Christensen of footwear: basically bland and not as cute as you want them to be. I can understand why she chose them, but honestly, a crazy shoe at least would’ve felt committed. As it is, there’s a disconnect for me between her head and feet, and the outfit. In fact, her top-and-toes seem so underdone — her smile so generically pleasant — that it’s almost as if she posed somewhere in JUST the shoes and her underpinnings, so that her stylist could Photoshop her onto a backdrop and then drag and drop dresses on top of her to see what might work. I wouldn’t have gone in this direction, but hey, Julianne Moore is nothing if not style-bananas.

She looked a lot better when she kept it simple:

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Unfugs or Fabs: Julianne Moore in Alexander Wang and Alexander McQueen

Julianne is apparently super into Alexanders right now. But is it advisable? You decide.

Exhibit A: The McQueen.

Julianne Moore

I get that this is a casual dress for a casual Q&A, so there’s not much reason to work up a head of steam about it. But the way the top is designed to look like the world’s dreariest Talbot’s sweater set bums me out. Do not go full Talbots on a full McQueen budget. It’s like paying restaurant prices for a quarter-pounder.

Next up: the Wang, which is more interesting.

wang it with me


Fugs and Fabs: The Gotham Film Awards

All hail SWINTON. (And you should probably read this GQ profile of her, anointing her their Woman of the Year. First off, it’s extremely SWINTON-y and wonderful, and second, the fact that GQ has named TS and not, say, Kate Upton as their Woman of the Year pleases me. [No offense to Kate Upton.]) Beyond SWINTON, I’ve also got some Hamm for you here, so Gyllenhaal, some Tomei, a bit of Moore…a VARIETY of celebs. Join me in judgement.

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