Fugger: Emma Watson

Well Played, Emma Watson

Both of these looks are from events Emma Watson attended at the U.N. this weekend, as part of her role as U.N. Women Goodwill Ambassador (she gave a rousing speech about feminism and gender equality this weekend; Vanity Fair has the transcript. Good on you, Emma.) so it makes sense that she’s kind of in Stylish But Serious And Professional Gear, since you don’t show up at the United Nations in a cropped top and hot pants I HOPE.

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Fugs and Fabs at the Vogue Foundation Gala: The Actresses, Plus an Extra Casiraghi

In which Emma Watson begins to make amends and someone sports the most fabulous pjs I’ve ever seen.

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What the Fug: Emma Watson in Valentino

… Well, I like the jacket, and the shoes, and the bag, and her head.

Emma Watson at Valentino

But that outfit looks like she got caught in a net that was meant to snare Rita Ora.

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Well Played: Emma Watson in Giambattista Valli and Christian Dior

This occurred the same day as the Dior show, but her ensemble at this event is basically the polar opposite of her Dior look.

Emma-Watson-Giambattista-Valli (1)

I kind of LOVE IT.  The top might be a wee droopy, but on the whole, she looks like a very cool, extremely competent boss lady, and Very Cool, Extremely Competent Boss Lady is a look I’m always happy to applaud.

She changed AGAIN to hit the Dior Afterparty — presumably BACK into Dior. So many wardrobe changes. The good news is that although she ratcheted back up on the Wacky Meter, this was ALSO fairly charming:

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Well Played, Basically Everyone in Ralph Lauren at the Windsor Castle Royal Marsden Dinner

I guess one thing you can count on when Ralph Lauren dresses nearly everyone, and they’re all traipsing over to Windsor Castle to hang out with Prince William for an event in aid of a cancer charity, is that everyone is probably going to look pretty decent — or at the least, no one’s junk will be hanging out. And, indeed, there is some major glam happening here. Emma Watson looks so divine.*

*And yes, we have pictures of the inside of the party coming up. I would never deny you Wills and Benedict Cumberbatch chatting in front of a giant portrait. NEVER.

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Fug or Fab: Emma Watson in Narciso Rodriguez

Well, she did NOT forget to wear a bracelet:

That is one delightful cuff, and I feel compelled to give her an A in accessories.

As for the rest:

I like this conceptually. It’s so spring-y and delicate and I feel like it toes the line of washing her out without quite lunging over it. But I feel that something is missing from it, and I can’t quite put my finger on what it is. Maybe it just needs a flute of champagne and a jelly donut — which, frankly, is exactly what I want for lunch today. Is that so wrong?

Forget about conceptually. In actual practice:

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