I was trolling through this very site last night, looking for some flashback content to post, and came across this Emma Watson look from approximately four years ago, and, friends, I REMEMBER NOTHING ABOUT THIS MOMENT IN TIME. Heather said, at the time:

I’m sure even Emma can’t believe The Circle is still happening to her, because most of the world has seen it already and gratefully left it behind.

I truly spent ten minutes thinking about the TV show called The Circle and how the HELL that connected to Emma Watson before I remembered that I guess she was in a movie called The Circle  and BTW its Wikipedia plot section is  bonkers and incredibly confusing and has an unusual amount of kayaking. I’m sorry to have brought this back up, Emma, but rest assured that folks will probably forget it again immediately after reading this. The good news is that while the styling of this look is moderately underbaked, I actually think the dress has aged much better than expected. Congrats!!!

(Photo by Laurent Viteur/WireImage)

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