I’m sure even Emma can’t believe The Circle is still happening to her, because most of the world has seen it already and gratefully left it behind. I’m glad it is, though, because it gave her another entry for her otherwise-chill Press Tour Instagram site, which documents which bits and bobs of her outfits are eco-friendly or recycled or archival. It’s always full of interesting details (although this one mildly less so because it’s basically just Miu Miu that was made by artisans local to them), and I think the stories behind the clothes are a smart angle for any actress or styling team.

As usual — it’s almost universal with anything by Miu Miu or Prada — the bodice is bothersome in various tiny ways, and I’m never sure how I feel about the dropped waist skirts. Because Emma is Emma, it looks sleek on her, and she can carry the twee Laura Ashley feel of the fabric. I’m inclined to give it a complimentary “well at least it’s not another variation on black pants and an asymmetrical top with a train” and then move along, glad I don’t have to write about it again. Even she kinda seems like she is sleepwalking though it, doesn’t she?

[Photo: Backgrid]