First, please let me say something totally unrelated: I had no idea Jessie J/Rita Ora were headed to the recording of the Grenfell Tower charity single when I fugged her the other day, or else I would’ve left it alone. I was going to address that in the comments of that post, but I’m working from my family vacation this week, so I’m not in my usual time zone and not at my desk the way I would be normally; ergo, by the time I got wind of the error, it was late enough that I’m not sure anyone would’ve seen a comment if I HAD posted it. I’d rather post my apology here in the hopes that it’s more visible. I promise we are more sensitive than that, or at least we try to be, and we would not have been trying to make light of the Grenfell situation nor the charity event around it. I lived in the vicinity of London for a long time, and there’s nothing funny about what’s been besieging that wonderful city, which will always be the closest thing I have to a home town. Ladies, you wear whatever the hell you want, and I’m sure my karmic retribution for not checking the caption info on that photo is lurking around the bend.

Okay, it’s kind of weird to move on with my regularly scheduled posting after that, but it’s all good news: Kirsten looks great, I LOVE that Gucci on her with the red shoes and lip, and her sunglasses game is tremendous. Now let’s all just hug each other.

[Photo: Backgrid]