In 1989, George Clooney was post-Facts of Life, but in the midst of his Roseanne stint, and collecting other small roles on TV before Sisters launched him straight into ER and then into the galaxy. The one constant in his pre- and post-stardom life is a love of shooting hoops, though, so he got himself into some kind of celebrity basketball jamboree and showed up to it — as one does — in a leather vest. Dear Joe Jonas, this says. I was you before YOU were you. Come out to Lake Como. Amal and Sansa and the kids can take out the boat while we drink something older than the Earth’s crust from my wine cellar. Hugs, George. PS: Bring Kevin. I still have this blouse and he could borrow it.

And yes, George did also pose clumsily in his PE garb:

Dear Adrian Grenier, this says. I was you before YOU were you. Come to Lake ComoWe can talk about the environment, single-use plastic, the fate of the turtles, the fate of Turtle… Hugs, George. PS: Bring Kevin (Dillon). I need him for my Wall of Kevins.