Emma’s outfit here is by Harris Reed, who rose to prominence primarily by designing for Harry Styles. Historically, Emma has been a huge proponent of sustainable fashion (and this is the Earthshot Prize, which probably explains why she came out), and often posts lengthy captions on Instagram explaining the sourcing and other choices behind whatever she wears. Nothing yet on this one — I’ll update if I see anything — but… if this isn’t a dress that’s upcycling from the late Miss Havisham’s cast-offs, then I certainly wish it didn’t look like it. EDITED TO ADD: It IS made of old wedding gowns! Specifically, ones donated to Oxfam. Which is a lovely idea, certainly, but as one commenter pointed out… that really looks true, too true. When a fashion designer takes on an upcycling challenge, you hope they bring a bit more dreaminess and innovation to it than just, “Chop chop, stitch stitch, oh, what a pastiche it is.”

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