She said that this (sustainable) suit was “inspired by interviews with activists & campaigners…working to End Violence Against Women & Girls,” and I still don’t know TOTALLY how that works, although that’s a thing designers do all the time — claiming a line was inspired by something that is definitely not visual. I believe it, but I always am curious to know how you get from A to B when you’re a designer. In essence, I want to know more of your work process! Regardless, that’s a good cause so good on them, and also good on Emma Watson for being so vocal about these issues, both in what she does and what she wears when she does it.

At the time — in addition to giving Emma Watson props for being a good one — I also wrote, “[y]ou know what these sleeves remind me of? Various movies from the 90s where Glenn Close is a Machiavellian Lady Genius who does a lot of Sexual Plotting to ruin people’s lives whilst flitting about candle-lit ballrooms. Okay, I guess that’s just Dangerous Liaisons, so…it reminds me of Dangerous Liaisons.” You should know, however, that I LOVE movies where Glenn Close is a Machiavellian Lady Genius and in fact Dangerous Liaisons is one of my favorite movies of all time. We do not have time for my rant about how I cannot believe she didn’t win the Oscar that year — except that she lost to Jodie Foster in The Accused, which IS a great performance. In fact, while we’re not really here to talk about Dangerous Liaisons — unless we are! I’m the one writing this post! I’m the captain now! —  I actually think Michelle Pfeiffer, who is AMAZING IN IT, was even more robbed that year than Glenn was, losing to Geena Davis for Accidental Tourist. In fact there are SEVERAL supporting actresses that year who could have won, including BOTH Sigourney Weaver AND Joan Cusack in Working Girl, and just so you know, NEITHER Glenn Close NOR Michelle have an Oscar AT ALL and I’m mad about that now! I’m sorry. What year are we in again?

Oh. Right. I had meant to only take us back to 2019 but I fell all the way back into 1989. My apologies! But anyway. I stand by that comparison, especially in light of Emma’s suit having an ELBOW SURPRISE:

Emma Watson at the G7 Gender Equality Conference

I truly do not know why people keep trying to reinvent the sleeve. Sleeves are great in all of their usual iterations! Like, say, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, we’ve got them nailed and they don’t need us to fiddle with them too much. When you’ve gotten it right, try to leave it alone.