I really appreciate Emma Watson’s commitment to sustainable fashion, and to feminist issues. She was at G7 this weekend in Paris to speak at and sit on the Gender Equality Advisory Council, and her suit was — in her words — “inspired by interviews with activists & campaigners…working to End Violence Against Women & Girls.” I would love to read an interview with designers where they talk about how they translate interviews with activists about their work into a piece of clothing, and that’s not me being snarky; I really would! It’s always fascinating to hear — and this happens occasionally, usually after something like the Met Gala — the way that designers can take inspiration from something and translate it into a garment. Designers do it all the time, with choice of fabric, clothing, and historical references and I always want the deets!

In addition to the sleeve details in the slideshow, Emma’s Instagram is very useful in terms of what she’s wearing:

Also what an obviously super hideous room this is all happening in, just so boring and meh:

Well said, madame.

[Photos: Sebadelha Julie/ABACA/INSTARimages.com, Instagram]