Fugger: Carey Mulligan

Well Played, Carey Mulligan

One day, she’ll wear a bracelet. And yet, weirdly, Carey Mulligan is the one person whose under-accessorizing kind of works for me. Why is that, do you think? The mysteries of our time.

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Fug or Fab: Carey Mulligan

I’m learning to accept the sliver-of-midriff thing, but not across the board:

This particular sliver underwhelms me. It’s a bit messy, no? Which is not to say her abs themselves are messy; I’m sure they’re clean as a freshly mopped floor, and taut as Breaking Bad episode. But the very abs-y-ness of them is distracting me here — like the slits are hitting her at their most defined place and it makes her look like her midriff needs ironing. And the my mind wanders to whether it would’ve been cooler if the triangular slivers were neater and perhaps a fabric. Say, white, or even red or hot pink. Anything to juice it with the life that showing actual skin somehow hasn’t.

Having said that, I generally prefer her as a brunette, so hooray for that return to form. And the dramatic choker — which could be part of the dress — is a great flourish. What it may come down to is that Carey has Anistonitis, and so every LBD she busts out becomes a launching pad for me to imagine how it might’ve been emboldened. After all, winter is coming; nobody wants to be gloomy.

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Fugs, Fabs, and Fines: The Miu Miu Party at the Venice Film Festival

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Glastonbury Fugs and Fabs

Glastonbury is, to me, Coachella with wellies. And, at least in 2013, a hundred percent more human dinosaurs.

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Cannes Fugs and Fabs: Carey Mulligan

Two steps forward, one step back with this one. And by “this one,” I do mean Carey.

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