America took home the See Her honorary award at the Critics’ Choice ceremony, and accordingly, she amped up the sparkle. There were so few true metallics at this ceremony, so we decided to stir together anything shiny or sparkly, as best we could, and America leads that pack, and she’s joined by shimmer both big and small, and exactly one BurKin purse. Which, yes, is Burger King’s logo but with some letters blocked out to make it a homonym for Birkin. Honestly, a straight-up Burger King purse would have been great. Or Burger King IN a purse. A lot of folks made cracks about the food, or perhaps lack thereof? Burger King in a Purse could’ve been a real moneymaker. But I appreciate the visual pun.

[Photos: Gilbert Flores, Emma McIntyre, Frazer Harrison, Alberto Rodriguez, Christopher Polk, Kevin Mazur/Getty Images, Amy Sussman/Wireimage]