This was not QUITE the starry affair of Pharrell’s previous show — I have to think that’s because so much of Hollywood is exhausted right now. The only two awards regulars in the building were Bradley Cooper and Carey Mulligan, and they each got Monday off because they weren’t needed at the Emmys. But they WERE needed in Paris. I wish I were needed in Paris. Can someone please need me in Paris? Merci.

The show itself, which you can click through below, used Native American and cowboy influences:

Pharrell employed indigenous craftsmen to work on some of the accessories, with the hopes people would view it a story told rather than one that’s appropriated. That’s not for me to decide, but WWD was very measured about presenting both his motivations and the concerns people might have about it being commercialized. We shall see! My concern is that, beautiful work from the artisans aside, these clothes will be ridiculous on the celebrities he tries to pawn them off to, given how inane Taylor Zakhar Perez looks in this slideshow. That suit on slide 6 with like… cactus patches on it? No. And not for nothing, but it’s truly amusing (unintentional, I think) comedy to see these clothes in this setting on people who are also clutching GIGANTIC Vuitton weekenders in, like, hot pink.

[Photos: Kristy Sparow, Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images; Launchmetrics Spotlight]