Fugger: Amy Adams

Vanity Fair Oscar Party Fugs and Fabs: Yet More People Who Changed

If you’re really that worried about your dress getting ruined — like, if it’s MASSIVE — then changing makes lots of sense. But half the time, it ends up looking like indecision. That said, let’s see if we think some of these were secret upgrades. Lupita Nyong’o kept it in the family but switched to Miu Miu, Amy Adams went with Carolina Herrera, Anna Kendrick picked a Versace, Julie Delpy wore a mystery gown….

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Oscars Well Played: Amy Adams in Gucci

I was going to nitpick the lack of necklace until I remembered that the awesome earrings were actually more visible from other angles.

Maybe she could’ve done a funkier bracelet as well, but anything too insane and it might’ve drawn too far away from the classic lines of the dress. And it is beautiful and beautifully fitted. I mean… okay, sure, from some angles the hip flaps look like gills — the American Hustle ladies are giving me Midsection Fish Vibes, I guess. But they still flatter her and give her this dreamy, slender hourglass. See? I DON’T always hate on hip hoo-ha. Amy Adams is officially in the one percent.

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Fug or Fab: Amy Adams

I am REALLY BAD at identifying designers based on the clothes, but I took one look at that bodice and the draping and said, “Hello, Vivienne Westwood,” and I was right.

For an American Hustle party, I think it’s funny that she picked a dress that’s doing to her boobs the exact OPPOSITE of what all her costumes did (hoisting and fluffing versus flowing free). That part isn’t a bad look for her, and the color is certainly eye-grabbing in the vein of what she’s done this year after switching stylists.  But my beef is the stuff below the waist:

and not in a sexy way


Fugs and Fabs: Costume Designers Guild Awards

There was so much blue/green/blue-green at this event! And, as one would expect when stars are attending with costume designers, almost everyone looks great. ALMOST everyone.

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Casual Fuggerday: Coats Coats Coats

I miss chilly New York already, although it’s a HUGE money-savings to live in LA because I can’t indulge my outerwear fetish.

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BAFTAs Fine or Fab: Amy Adams

This dress is by Victoria Beckham, and it’s…it’s fine, right?

It’s pretty enough, and her face looks great, but feels kind of like Amy’s just treading water before the Oscars. I think we’re hitting the point in awards season where all these actors (and their stylists) just want to keel over and die a little bit. Come March 3rd, Los Angeles is just going to be full of people taking naps and face-planting into a bucket of Double-Doubles. But I can’t be mad at this just because it’s a bit boring. And I can’t be mad at this trench coat at all:

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