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NYFug.com: The Emmys Superlatives

Two days, two superlative columns! Just as we wrote a piece for The Cut yesterday about the VMAs, so too did we write about the Emmys today! We ALSO live-blogged the red carpet, so you can relive it (or live it, in case you were stuck at the office). Let’s NEVER do a Monday awards show again, okay?


NYFug.com: The Best, Worst, and Most Overdone at the VMAs

As always, we cherry-picked some of the noteables and newsworthies for NY Mag. For example:

Most Horrifying Surprise: Taylor Swift: It’s no surprise to see Taylor in something short. But this Mary Katrantzou outfit isn’t just short; it’s a leotard, and thus, not really an outfit at all. If you had “Taylor Swift wears camel-toe” in your VMAs red-carpet pool, please come talk to us about lottery numbers.

And of course, you can read the rest at The Cut!


NYFug.com: Reasons We Love Cannes

Of course, we did a Cannes wrap-up for The Cut.  And to quote us:

This slideshow is dedicated to the myriad of ways this year’s film festival underscored the one thing we know to be true: Cannes is simply the best. And yes, that includes saying something nice about Justin Bieber.

The truth cannot be withheld! The Biebs did not look insane. But there’s much more there for you, including a triptych of Ryan Gosling, red lipstick and loads of Sharon Stone. Don’t ever say we never did anything nice for you. Read it all at The Cut.


NYFug.com: The Best, Worst, and Most Random Met Gala Looks

In which we, as always, do a Round-up of Notables from last night’s big dance. For example:

“This Rodarte number is nuttier than a squirrel’s sublet, but on some level, isn’t wearing a dress imprinted with the Death Star to a party hosted by Anna Wintour some incredibly brave sartorial shade? It may, in fact, have been enough to cause a disturbance in The Force. As if a thousand voices — we’ll stop.”

You know who we’re talking about. Don’t you? Either way, pop on over to The Cut to find out, and read alllll the rest.


NYFug.com: The Best, Worst and Most Diva-Ish Looks from the Oscars

In which we do our annual Red Carpet Superlatives! Including:

We would make a crack about Bette’s clingy, stunning Reem Acra being the wind beneath her wings, but frankly, we’re better than that…. Wait, no we’re not, at all. It totally is the wind beneath her wings.

Read all of it at The Cut! So much more EXHAUSTIVE and in-depth coverage starting very soon here on GFY.


New York Fugshion Week: Day Five Celebs

Today was the day I marched around with a curling iron burn mark on my FACE, because I am that cool.

We were standing so close to Solange at Milly that our hair may have started a conversation, but we chickened out of doing it ourselves.

Debra Messing seemed to be having a great time at Dennis Basso, but she might want to be careful about shouting out her phone number. One never knows who’s listening.

The Carolina Herrera show began with us entering through a Hall of Men. No, really. We assume Dita Von Teese didn’t enter that way because that’s what she does every other day of her life.

We feared for our lives at Alice + Olivia.

Hugh Jackman is pretty damn delicious in person. Thank you, Donna Karan. Plus: bonus Katie Holmes sighting.