Fug File: Man Fugs

Met Gala Fugs and Fabs: The Dudes


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Casual Fuggerday: Jude Law

Oh, Jude Law:


This look can mean but one thing. You’ve decided you’re desperate to get back together with Sienna Miller, and this hat must surely be the siren call of your former, slightly scuzzy, boho hipster love.  Unfortunately, I suspect she’s eating a scone somewhere and thinking, “but I’m already seeing a dude whose haberdashery turns my crank.” Never fear, dear. You can always just take it off.

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Fugicide Squad: Jared Leto’s Continued Adventures in Bleachery

The photo service that took this picture added this to the caption: “Jared is supposedly planning to make his Joker [in Suicide Squad] more cerebral and comedic than the previous versions we’ve seen on the screen and has referred to him as ‘a beautiful disaster.’”

jared leto

I’d say “beautiful disaster” is about right, actually.

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Well Played: Dudes at the Independent Spirit Awards

We know what y’all want.

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Oscars Fugs and Fabs: The Dudes

So many dudes in sweet tuxes. My favorite kind.

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WTF: Steven Tyler

Can you imagine seeing this person running to catch a plane?

Steven Tyler Departing On A Flight At LAX

Because I just realized that’s exactly what every trip I’ve ever taken in my entire life has been missing.

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