Fug File: Fug The Cover

Fugs and Fabs: A Variety of Elle Magazines

Many of the June/July international covers were shots from the June US Angelina cover (smart move there by Elle), but NOT ALL. Additionally, I didn’t realize until I started keeping track, but OMG Giselle gets a lot of international magazine covers. Are people still that into Gisele?

[Covers: Elle]


Well Played Cover: Lupita Nyong’o on Vogue

Well, this is a delightful surprise! This was requested and predicted by a lot of you in this year’s Vogue Predict-a-Cover, and I am glad you were right:

Lupita Nyong'o Vogue July 2014 (1)

I am — if I may begin with a complaint — not wild about her positioning. That sort of hand placement always feels, to me, like it belongs in an ad for watches or hand cream or nail polish. It doesn’t look natural, ever. And I could argue that, in real life, she has a much more elegant neck than she does in this picture. THAT OUT OF THE WAY: Her FACE looks lovely and I LOVE this dress. It’s completely perfect for July and the colors are divine on her. This feels classically Vogue, but in a good way, in a way where I would totally pick this up at the gas station (my gas station sells Vogue; my gas station actually sells Porter, the high-end magazine from Net-a-Porter, which is endlessly amazing to me. Who is gassing up at my 76 station?!) on the way to the beach. The other day, I said that the key to a good summer cover is if you can imagine it sitting on the table next to your beach chair, a mai tai on top of it, and this wholly passes that test for me. What say you?

[Photo: Vogue]


Fug or Fab the Covers: Marie Claire, June and July

In which we learn that the international covers of Marie Claire are much more likely to use a model than an actress. Do we think this is because it’s tough to get a celeb to pop by to shoot the cover of Marie Claire Spain, or whatever? Give Spain some love, Charlize Theron. Don’t you want to write off a trip to Barcelona? Have some vision, for pete’s sake.

[Covers: Marie Claire]



Fugs and Fabs: June and July UK Magazine Covers

We looked at the UK Vogue covers earlier this week, but there are MANY more international covers to be eyeballed. Let’s look at the rest of the UK’s summer covers. Warning: at least one of them has already occasioned a formal apology.


Fugs and Fabs: A Variety of International Vogue Covers

There are few things I enjoy as much as looking at international magazine covers. Americans got Charlize on the cover of this month’s Vogue, let’s see what’s being served up around the world. (Part of the answer is “totally naked Cristiano Ronaldo.”) Spoiler: some of these are SO GOOD, I’m actually jealous.

[Photos: a variety of Vogues]


Well Played Cover: Elle Fanning Teen Vogue

I think this is such a pretty picture of her:

Elle Fanning Teen Vogue June/July 2014

So grown-up up and sort of….wistful-with-a-secret-but-a-good-secret. Sure, what we can see of her outfit looks a BIT like what a 1920s chorus girl would wear in a routine about mermaids, but it’s summer. That’s not entirely off-topic.

[Photo: Teen Vogue]