This flower shirt is Loewe and if ANYTHING is designed to be on the cover of a magazine, it’s this. I think it photographs well, and is good for a cover, especially as we move to spring. (Cue Meryl drawling, “florals for spring. Groundbreaking.) (Emily Ratajkowski wore another colorway to the Loewe show in Paris and I’m not sure it totally translates IRL.) Jenna herself looks a bit like she might be thinking about eating your face off, but I think that’s the general vibe she’s aiming for lately. Indeed, per the profile:

“I’m definitely the actress who’s like, ‘More blood,’” Jenna Ortega deadpans. “If I’m going to speak up about anything, or put my two cents in about anything,” she says, it would be that: Let a scene be as gory and crimson as possible.

She also talks about how she doesn’t want to be vulnerable enough to be in a relationship, so I think the Back Off vibe is one she’s into right now. You should click through to the editorial if you want to see her wearing a huge wine glass, but has been the case a lot with profiles of actresses recently, a lot of her interview moments make me a little worried about her level of anxiety. She seems very sweet and smart, and a bit fragile. It’s a tough business. They make you wear a plastic flower publicly, for one thing.

[Photographed by: Felix Cooper, Styled by: Patti Wilson, profile written by: Hunter Harris]
Tags: Elle