Fug File: Fug The Cover

Fug or Fab the Covers: Kendall Jenner on Teen Vogue

Sometime over the last few months, I’ve started to feel for Kendall Jenner.  She gets a lot of flack for being A Spawn of Kris, but she’s booked a ton of proper, real runway shows as a model and it’s not one of those instances where you’re watching and it’s like, “model, model, model, SHORT PERSON CLOMPING AROUND WHO IS THAT FOOL OH IT’S A CELEBRITY, model, model, model.” I have to give her credit for going out there and working and (seemingly) doing her job properly. However, one cannot argue that she would have gotten two covers of Teen Vogue if she were just some mid-tier eighteen year old model, so sometimes being A Spawn of Kris comes in handy.  THAT SAID, one of these covers is great. Spoiler: I think it’s this one:

The Pharrell Hat WILL NOT DIE but there’s something about this cover that feels pleasantly 90s in a way that makes me all nostalgic for classic Seventeen and my youth. I think it’s striking, and she looks appropriately modelesque. I’d even argue that she’s pulling off the hat.

The other cover is less successful:

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Fug and Fab the Covers: A Variety of International Vogues

Let’s pop down to the international newsstand and see what everyone else is getting in her mailbox this month.

[Covers: Vogue]


Fug/Fab the Cover Face-Off: Katie Holmes on Glamour vs Zoe Saldana on Marie Claire

We wrote about this Katie Holmes cover for Vanity Fair a couple weeks ago, as it compared to Brooke Shields’ iconic Calvin Klein ads. But somehow I didn’t notice it was sharing newsstand space with a similar theme. So now let’s throw THOSE into the Thunderdome, shall we?

Katie Holmes on Glamour, August 2014

I think Katie’s face looks great, and the alluring pose works on her — she’s good with a twinkle of naughty. But as we noted for Vanity Fair, I believe, my biggest problem is that I don’t actually like these jeans. I’m not a fan of the Trouser Jean, in general, but I’m distracted by the pockets flapping open at me, like they have something loud to say, and … let’s just say this: This one is the JEANS issue, not the DENIM issue, so you’d think they’d get the jeans part right; instead, her top half to me looks much more arresting than the bottom.

Also, and I know this is dumb, that ampersand above Angelina Jolie’s name looks too much like a treble clef. There, I said it.

Zoe stars on Marie Claire’s DENIM issue, which I am capsifying because boy, did they:

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Fugs or Fabs: Allure’s Summer Covers

I always forget that Allure is a primarily beauty-focused magazine until I actually look at its covers. (Full confession: I actually always really like Allure. It’s always got a good tidbit about, like, the best way to write a thank note and also something interesting about volumizers, both of which are topics in which I have great interest). Some of these covers are more ALLURING than others, though. SEE WHAT I DID THERE? No one’s ever made that crack before.


Well Played, Blake Lively on Vogue

I know this will be controversial, but I have to give a hand to a girl who, in an interview with Vogue, refers to her outfit something that looks as if “Sling Blade and Pocahontas had a baby.” That’s legitimately funny. (Also legitimately funny, however, is Entertainment Weekly‘s take on WTF is happening with Preserve, Blake’s GOOP.) I also think this cover look and the inside spread are extremely well-suited to Blake’s Classic American Blonde Good Looks, and, frankly, I am delighted they didn’t try anything Bizarrely Directional on her. Remember that time everyone who was on the cover looked like she’d just been electrocuted?

[Photos: Vogue]


Well Played Cover: Kristen Wiig on Elle, August 2014

I wasn’t sold on this at first — I think it’s because I prefer her as a brunette, maybe? — but I’ve come around and now I think she looks relaxed and cool in a way she rarely does on the red carpet.

[Photos: Elle]