Okay, the month started yesterday, so this is my favorite thing within the last 30 days. Possibly longer. W magazine did three zany, film-inspired shoots with three directors (all Oscar nominees, although wouldn’t it have been lovely to invite a woman to this party, even if she was not included at that table? I’d love to see what Gina Prince-Bythewood, for example, would have done). First up today: the Daniels (Kwan and Scheinert, who applied the madcap sensibilities they displayed in Everything Everywhere All At Once to a B-movie premise starring Jennifer Coolidge. The results are delicious — you can read about the process here — and inspired this line from Jennifer Coolidge herself: “What is it about lobster claws that I’m so attracted to?”

[Photos: Lenne Chai, costumes by Shirley Kurata, story by Alex Hawgood]