In which Idris Elba looks like the most handsome dentist you ever saw, with the most chic and formal office. (My dentist is a sweetie who only wears Hawaiian shirts and his office looks like a classic Banana Republic, the ones where you might be taking a safari, and I LOVE him, but if he looked like Idris Elba, I would have literally zero tarter.) Cynthia looks like she’s trying to put her wedding reception cocktail dress on without having removed her ceremony gown first. Together, they look like the first scene of a fun buddy comedy called Sweet Tooth where a hot dentist and a runaway bride meet cute when she gets accidentally locked out of her hotel suite mid-change, and yada yada yada they end up dragged into a heist with a ragtag bunch of criminals in a case of mistaken identity but end up working together to save the day for justice and peace. I’d stream it!

[Photo by TOLGA AKMEN/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock]