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W Gives Covers to Millie Bobby Brown and Letitia Wright

Jul 31, 2018 by Heather at 9:00 AM
One is more interesting than the other, to me. Read More »

Everyone Gets Cozy for W’s Best Performances Issue

Jan 4, 2017 by Jessica at 10:00 AM

Fug the Cover: Jennifer Lopez on W Magazine

Apr 25, 2016 by Heather at 12:00 PM

Fug the Covers: The W Movie Issue

Jan 6, 2016 by Jessica at 8:00 AM

Fug or Fab the Cover: Cate Blanchett on W Magazine, January 2016

Dec 17, 2015 by Heather at 10:00 AM
I enjoy that W magazine is still doing artsy covers. It's nice to have something leap out at you on… Read More »

Fug the Cover: W Magazine’s Best Performances Issue

Jan 7, 2015 by Heather at 11:00 AM

Fug or Fab the Cover, Etc.: Miley Cyrus on W Magazine

Feb 4, 2014 by Heather at 8:00 AM

Fug The Covers: Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, Lupita Nyong’o, Oprah, Matthew McConaughey, and Cate Blanchett on W Magazine’s Movie Issue

Jan 8, 2014 by Heather at 8:00 AM

Well Played Cover: Intern George on W

Dec 20, 2013 by Heather at 1:00 PM
Well, this explains why he never showed up for our GFY HQ holiday card photo shoot, which we therefore had… Read More »

Fug the Cover: Emma Stone in W

Jan 17, 2013 by Heather at 2:00 PM

Fug and Fab the W Covers: Jessica Chastain

Dec 19, 2012 by Heather at 12:00 PM

Fug or Fab the Cover: Penelope Cruz

Aug 16, 2012 by Jessica at 9:00 AM
I don't really know what I'm putting this to a vote. Because the truth is that I think… Read More »
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