Fug File: Fug The Cover

Recent Well Playeds: Lupita Nyong’o

Somewhere along the line, we never covered Lupita’s Vogue cover — I think because it happened during Fashion Week and then the Emmys happened, and then our brains melted. But there’s also so much more of Lupita to love in here.

[Photos: Getty, Vogue/Mario Testino]


Recent Fugs and Fabs of the FLOTUS

I just imagine Malia — or Sasha, frankly — poking her head around the door and saying, “You’re saving all of these, right, Mom? You are. Right? Please say you are.”

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Fug the Cover: Ashton Kutcher on GQ Style in Germany

I know GQ Style in Germany is a really random choice for us to feature, but how could I resist?

Ashton Kutcher on GQ Style

Ashton Kutcher looks like a guy you are staring at through the peephole of your hotel room, where you are holed up with deep, dark second thoughts about hiring a man to escort you to that fancy black-tie business event. Because among other things, who brings a KITTEN? Are you paying extra for the kitten? Are you supposed to keep the kitten? What does the kitten MEAN, and why is it thinking about licking your pancreas clean? God, he keeps knocking and checking his phone to see if you’ve texted. Devil Cat does not blink. Does Devil Cat even HAVE eyelids? What is in German cat food?

So it’s a strange cover, is what I’m saying. “Perplexed With Kitten” is not the directive I’d have picked.


Fug or Fab the Covers: MORE International September Issues of Vogue

It turns out there are a lot of Vogues in the world. Every time I think I’ve covered most of the international September issues, another one pops up.

[Covers: Vogues]


Fug the Cover: Zendaya on Footwear News

For the love of God, y’all.


Just let the lady go to the bathroom.

[Photo: FN]


Fug or Fab the Cover: Various International Issues of September Vogue

And we have another batch of these to eyeball! (If you missed the previous ones, the first set of covers is here, the second is here, and here is the cover of US Vogue.)

[Covers: Various Vogues]


Well Played Cover: Bella Hadid on Glamour, September 2016

I will be the first to admit that I never had much time for Bella Hadid. But I have to give her full marks for what I think is a really lovely cover.


I almost want to call it more fashion-y than I would expect from Glamour. There’s no fromage here, no false cheer or sheers, and a minimum of text; it’s just Bella in a giant anorak with hair that looks faintly like she was caught in the rain, and it’s REALLY effective. My gaze goes straight to her eyes and stays there. It’s sort of… soulful and defiant all at once. This actually makes me even sadder about that time she wore undergarments to the grocery store (and apparently also to a restaurant), because if this is any indication, she CAN model and isn’t just coasting on Gigi’s coattails. She doesn’t HAVE to resort to wearing tragic Yeezy spanxwear for attention; she can capture that all on her own.

[Photo: Glamour]