Fug File: Candids

Royally Played, Prince Harry

Am I just posting this picture of Prince Harry because I think he looks hot in these jeans?

Yes. Good morning to you, too.

[Photo: AKM/GSI,  Vantagenews.co.uk]


Fug or Fab: Cate Blanchett in Fausto Puglisi at Comic-Con

I am sure there are plenty of people who complain that Comic-Con isn’t what it used to be — whatever it is that it used to be — and while I don’t know about that, I WILL say that when Cate Blanchett shows up for your event, you can’t say it isn’t major. (She was there for the panel for The Hobbit 3: Back In The Hobbit, which…don’t even get me started on the fact that they made The Hobbit into a trilogy. Not everything need be split into thirds. Sometimes both your sandwich and your relatively slim volume of elfin adventure can be consumed in one sitting.)

Cate-Blanchett-Comic-Con (2)

I don’t HATE this, but I do think it looks like a Project Runway challenge where everyone had to take her bathrobe and make it into a day dress. It might WIN that challenge, but still.

She looked much less fussy when she arrived at LAX this week:

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Casual Fuggerday: Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies

On the off chance that you ever found yourself thinking, “I wonder if Two of the Three Hot Dudes of The Originals ALSO look hotter in sunglasses,” I can help you:

Totally yes. (Also, I’m sure Charles Michael Davis is also hotter in sunglasses, he just didn’t happen to be strolling down the street in them this weekend. Oh, CW. Say what you will about some of their programming, but their skill in casting hot dudes is unparalleled. There’s a reason a friend of mine uses the qualifier “CW Hot” for people, as in, “[Ex-Boyfriend] was ABC Family Cute, but [Current Fling] is CW Hot.” It means something.)

[Photo: AKM/GSI]


Recent Fugs and Fabs: Jessie J

Let’s check in with one of our Wacky Fug Favorites, shall we?

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


Recent Fugs and Fabs of LeAnn Rimes

I said to Jessica, “If we have to run an omnibus of Miranda Kerr AND of LeAnn Rimes on the same DAY, then it’s officially Lean Times.” And here we are.

[Photos: Pacific Coast News, Splash News, Getty]


WTF: Kate Hudson

Our photo service described this look as “magnificent,” and I kept thinking about that Seinfeld where someone describes a hideous baby as “breathtaking” and Elaine can’t parse whether or not it’s an insult when the same person also calls her breathtaking.

Because this IS magnificent, in a sense. It’s magnificently unflattering. Or maybe they meant that it was MALICIOUS. That ALSO makes sense.

This might actually be — brace yourself — worse:

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