Fug File: Candids

Fugs and Fabs: Cate Blanchett

Cate the Great (Cate the Grate? No, that’s insulting) is starring in The Maids in New York right now, and apparently the production is quite excellent, although I confess it sounds like a rather confusing play. And I say that as a person with a degree in literature who also was once the president of her high school drama club so you know I know my shit. Regardless of all that, what this really means is that she’s tromping around New York every day and we get to eyeball her outfits. Turns out she loves a bootie.

[Photos: Splash]


WTF: Ashley Benson

Kudos to the handsome stone-faced dude for remaining so stoic in the face of such roiling eye-trauma:

The only scenario in which these pants are acceptable are if you’ve just recovered from being dragged behind a train.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]


Fugging Fug Fug the Fug Fugshifugs: Kim Kardashian

She just WILL NOT help herself.

Kim Kardashian

Stick that with a black shirt that DOESN’T fetishize her nipples and some black shoes, and I’d probably be saying, “Damn, that almost looks professional.” But instead, she’s essentially wearing Braille. You know, Kimye, when you two complain that nobody takes the Kim half seriously, MAYBE THIS IS WHY.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


Casual Fuggerday: Kaley Cuoco

It’s so embarrassing, but I totally wore my flower crown to yoga today TOO!

[Photo: Splash]


Casual Paceyday: Diane Kruger

I LOVE the dude sitting on his stoop behind these two, popping out from behind that topiary in his sunglasses (and what seem like enviable biceps), all “OH MY GOD IS THAT PACEY AND DIANE?” Yes, it is! And Pacey is tan:

These two seem like they’re having a totally good summer vacation and yes this time I am jealous.

[Photo: AKM/GSI]


The Recent Fugs and (Mostly) Fabs of Reese Witherspoon

I’d argue that Reese Witherspoon’s Walking Around Looking Cute While Running Errands brand is as well-planned as Taylor Swift’s Walking Around Looking Well-Coiffed Post Gym parade. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

[Photos: AKM/GSI]