If you are interested in seeing this Alexander Wang swimsuit in its entirety, you can see it — and buy it??? Live your life! —  here, although I must warn you that the neon green version is either sold-out or not available yet. (I assume the former.) There is something about this that is deliciously ’80s — ridiculous, to be sure, but also entertaining. This IS the swimsuit you wear when you are absolutely 100% not going swimming AT ALL. Yes, you might wade into the pool in this while holding a drink and talking shit about people, but it’s definitely more of a Recline On a Plastic Lounger, Hold an Aluminum Shield Up to You Face to Get Max Sun, Drink a Tab and Read Hollywood Wives swimsuit, all of which I actually endorse other than the Max Sun (and the Tab). Megan Fox never met an abdominal cut-out she didn’t love and I’m honestly impressed that this has even extended to her swimwear. A devotion to theme is to be admired. I’m almost surprised she didn’t source matching shoes. On her Instagram she wrote, “This is how I go to Erewhon now. Let’s talk about it.” Done.

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