This blue body-con dress is obviously aces — but I’m really here to salute Ms. TER for her achievement in footwear stories. This woman knew she didn’t want to wear those yellow stilettos any longer than she had to, but she also wanted to truly commit to her color story, and she¬†did. That’s some work above and beyond the general call of duty, and I for one am very supportive of this level of care and thoughtfulness when it comes to footwear options for any event. (I suspect those sandals are the classic plastic Birks, which are great for wearing to trot into Jimmy Kimmel, obviously, but also nice for when you’re outside watering your plants. Get you a shoe that can etc etc etc.) (I also feel like brides are going to make this happen for bridesmaids when we have weddings again, which will happen eventually…right?????)

(Photo by APEX/MEGA/GC Images)