Maxwell Caulfield is known to some of you, apparently, as Rex Manning. To me, he is Miles Colby second — from the Dynasty spinoff — and Michael Cool Rider first, because of Grease 2. I just referenced Stephanie “Michelle Pfeiffer” Zinone, and now here comes Maxwell, with his wife Juliet Mills. And if you’re thinking, “Isn’t that Tabitha the Witch from Passions, a.k.a. the greatest soap of the modern era,” then YES, you are CORRECT, and Maxwell and Juliet are therefore a complete camp power couple. There are also a couple other familiar faces in here, but for now let’s celebrate that these two found each other in 1975, are still married, and Jessica and I STILL reference them in some way, shape, or form. Tabitha, after all, was probably the one who provided the hexed hate candles that told Liz to go break into TC’s Shed of Rage to find out what was inside. And she did. She DID look in The Shed. She won’t ever forget The Shed. She did not expect that to be in The Shed. Just one more thing for which to thank Juliet Mills.

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