I wish I were going to a basketball game right now! Couldn’t you just go for one of those cardboard boxes full of weird nachos? In the interest of full disclosure, I am a hot dog person rather than a nachos person, but I love attending events with a nachos person who will let me have a nacho. This is the evening corollary to how I like to go to breakfast with pancake people who will give me one bite of pancake. Why can’t you order like ONE DOLLAR PANCAKE? I just want like a TINY bit of pancake with my eggs benedict. Can we please work on this as we move toward a better, post-pandemic society? WOW, apologies for that massive sidebar that has nothing to do with this post. More on topic: Sienna Miller looks incredibly profesh, Karlie Kloss is wearing very cute jeans, and I love Vivica A. Fox. (Spike Lee is also there, as a regular at Knicks games.)

[Photos: GHOST/Shutterstock]