Alessandra has been making real strides over the last year in the arena of This Looks Like Clothes But Feels Like Pajamas outfits and for that I must salute her. It’s the place that a LOT of us are going to try to slide into once we return to public life, and I for one am profoundly confident that I’m gonna whiff it.  These pants are very cute and also totally pajama-adjacent. Pajamadjacent!

On the other hand (or half of her body) is this sweater, which is totally reasonable and quite pleasant:

Alessandra Ambrosio out and about, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California, USA - 02 Apr 2021

PS: I need to share with you that whenever I call something “reasonable,” I have taken to, in my head, pronouncing it with an accent. Rayzhon-ab-lay. Please don’t ask me (a) why (b) where I got this (c) what accent I think this is.  (A very dramatic rendition of the French, I guess? ) Just know that it’s happening.

[Photos by Broadimage/Shutterstock]