BET Awards Fine or Feh or Fab: Nicki Minaj


ONLY on The High Priestess of the Wacky Catsuit, Nicki Minaj, would a dress trimmed with a shag carpet seem like a snooze:

When you’re used to seeing a girl out and about wearing, like, a latex traffic cone covered in neon bubble paint, it’s kind of a let-down when she pops up at an event merely dressed like Stacey McGill, diabetic math genius and founding member of The Baby-sitters Club.

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Comments (24):

  1. Rayna

    I’m just delighted she’s not wearing a metal hip cage, so it’s all good.

    Everything is relative, am I right?

  2. ortenzia

    snazzy is matching your belt to your lipstick and using a complimentary, duller color for your nails.

  3. LoriK

    Are we not talking about the tights? Because if we’re going to discuss this ensemble I feel like we should be talking about the tights too.

  4. Willow

    I guarantee you there is a woolen chastity belt under there somewhere.

    Also it is too hot for leggings.

  5. vandalfan

    Without the stockings and booties, it would work. I can even tolerate the sheer part of the top. But the large, cartoonish mushrooms in the background intrigue me.

  6. jenelope

    I voted for adorable. I can’t help it. For some reason, I love Nicki Minaj.

  7. jennifer


  8. yeahandalso

    good by her standards, but this is objectively fug and also boring somehow. Also, do you think her lower back hurts and the end of a long day of posing with her ass like that?

  9. Sarah

    Baby-sitters Club shout out made my day.

  10. (not THE) Jessica

    no, not good at all! She looks like she has some sort of aggressive colon mold growing on her shoulders! The cray cray that works with a catsuit does not translate well to that sweet little dress.

  11. Lady Satan

    I had to vote for adorable. NM is just such a little doll of a person, and so wacky, she can pull it off.

    The dress is actually kind of cute, I think if you took away the tights and the changed up the shoes it could actually be quite wearable. If you like your fashion a little out of the box that is …

  12. Brianne

    Is that waist-to-hip ratio even possible?

  13. Susie Q

    I’m having horrible flashbacks to Saleisha’s cycle of ANTM.

  14. crysharris

    See… here’s the thing. Nicki Minaj wears nonsense. This is part of her schtick. So, she cannot be judged with the same criteria as ‘normal’ people. Her fug goes well beyond normal fug and thus her fab must go beyond. For her, this is fab. She does not look as ridiculous as she often does. If the dress did not have the dustmop epaulettes and ruffled bottom, it would be adorable on ANYBODY, and you can almost NOT see her bra through the frock.

    Her wig looks like something a person from Earth would wear.

    The only truly concerning thing about the outfit are those frightful, volcanic ash-mud colored stocking/tights thingies. I have chosen to overlook them.

  15. Anne B

    I really want to miss her erstwhile Crazy Hair, but that ‘do is so dang cute on her …

    Love the headsuit. Nails, ditto. Not so wild about the dress, but the fact that dress and leggings appear to have met only five minutes before the limo pulled up saves it for me. Boots are a big ol’ Minaj “of course!!” for June.

    Gosh, she makes me happy. :)

  16. Elizabeth

    I read a quote from her saying that she’d realized her fans were getting younger so she was going to try to cut out as many swear words and tone down her dress style?

  17. Andrew S.

    besides the tights,I could get with it.

  18. Elizabeth

    Can I say just how much I love the totally awesome and incredibly accurate reference to Stacey!

  19. SKS

    I’m seeing more Claudia than Stacey…but love the reference nonetheless.

    And yes, SALEISHA! Ugh.

  20. Lita

    Oh God i thought i was only one who saw Saleshia-Tootie, God bless TyTy’s cracked out makeovers

  21. Kate

    why would someone wear tights that made them look like they haven’t shaved their legs in ohh, two years??

  22. Bambi Anne Dear

    Something must be wrong with me. Except for the tights I like this. I like this. I like this. Ok, so I have had a couple of wines, but……………… I like this.

  23. Amy

    I have been out of town and am catching up on the blog all in one go. I just read option 2 as “Bed Bath and Beyonce.” It may possibly be time for a break… nah.

  24. Amy

    TEAM CLAUDIA. Screw Stacey and never mind Nicki.