Lizzo opened the BETs dressed in glorious gold, playing her flute, and singing “About Damn Time,” which opens with:

“It’s bad bitch o’clock, yeah, it’s thick-thirty
I’ve been through a lot but I’m still flirty (okay)
Is everybody back up in the buildin’?
It’s been a minute, tell me how you’re healin’
‘Cause I’m about to get into my feelings
How you feelin’? How you feel right now?”

The song takes a positive turn about how she might actually be okay, maybe even better now than she was before, and I think… a lot of us will be singing this all summer hoping that manifestation is real.

I didn’t get to watch the BETs this year because of Life Reasons, and I’m sad about it. The In Memoriam segment opened with the words “Roe v. Wade” and ended with what sounds like a stunning tribute to victims of gun violence. Several of the speeches referenced Roe v. Wade and the renunciation of women’s rights. And last, and certainly also least but still relevant to what we do here, there was a LARGE parade of Taraji P. Henson outfits, because she hosted, and you know she did not shirk the fashion portion of that job. We also got Mariah Carey and a stunning staging from Muni Long. I’m going to try and find a rerun of the telecast.

[Photos: Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP/Shutterstock, John Salangsang/Shutterstock]