I seriously just tried to date this entry, “1999.” I think that says something, don’t know? While you’re waiting to party like it’s You-Know-What, please enjoy:

– Remember when Bieber wore a shirt with Kelly Kapowski on it? Now Kelly Kapowski is wearing a shirt with Bieber on it. I think this means we’re living at the apex of the universe. (Styleite)

– This story — about a Canadian women who didn’t get to meet Queen Elizabeth as a child, and how that’s being made up to her, sixty years later – is kind of awesome. (Yahoo News)

– Remember Bethannie Mattek-Sands — who wore the tennis ball dress earlier this week? You should see what she wore for her match. (Busted Racket)

– You NEED to read this piece about 190 Bowery — a giant building in NYC that a) one family has all to themselves, and b) NY Mag is calling “the greatest real estate coup of all time.” It’s AMAZING. (NY Mag)

– Heather is still writing for Redbook.com this month, including a post about caving on your self-imposed parenting rules, and  a very sweet piece about her girlfriends for which I only paid her a NOMINAL amount. (Redbook)

– Speaking of Heathers, Vulture wonders if Heathers holds up (it does). Interestingly, I saw that movie just last weekend and, as we left, we DID all talk about how a) they could never get away with that movie now and b) there was SO MUCH MORE casual smoking in the late 80s. And that Winona Ryder is great it in, and we miss her, and that we all love our dead gay sons — a line that got applause where we saw it. (Vulture)

– I don’t want to say anything to spoil this post about the faces of Parisian architecture, other than to say that it’s cool, and you should look at it. (Flavorwire)

– This is a sad and fascinating look at one of America’s foremost eating disorder treatment clinics. (Marie Claire)

– In a complete tonal shift: Jon Hamm and hockey players. YOU’RE WELCOME. (Lainey Gossip)

– Not only is Lilo spinning some B.S. story about how she didn’t really drink any alcohol, she just had too much kombucha, her hair is SO BLONDE RIGHT NOW. Lindsay, the only way to get America back on your side is by returning to the red. (Celebitchy)

– 50 Cent is writing a YA book. The best part about this news, though, is his take on deadlines, and I quote: “my shit coming out WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT.” I am totally going to try that next time an editor is waiting for my work!! (The Guardian)

– And, finally, the obligatory reminder to buy, borrow, or steal a copy of our ouwn new young adult novel, SPOILED, if you haven’t already bought, borrowed, or stolen one. Booklist gave it a starred review in next month’s issue, calling it a “pitchperfect satire of the glitz-and-glam world of the rich and famous… With deftly interwoven humor, hyperbole, and poignant, authentic moments, this is a wholly entertaining, thought-provoking offering.”  Exciting! And big, big love to those of you who’ve written and tweeted and Facebooked us that you’ve enjoyed it. Writing the book — and meeting and talking to y’all in person — has been one of the most fun things we’ve ever done. Bull true.