It actually took me several minutes to determine that this person actually IS Fergie, and not some Fergie-esque person misidentified as Fergie by a tired photog who’s seen enough cracked-out-looking lady celebs to last time his entire life. (Parenthetically, one of my favorite things that ever happened to me covering Fashion Week was the time a ton of photogs were shooting this random blond woman, and once they were done, I asked one of the men who their subject was and he rolled his eyes and said, “NOBODY.”)

But it is Fergie, as much as I suspect she may wake up tomorrow and try to deny it. Would YOU own up to going out in an outfit composed of bear arms, hot pants, the tights from your senior year high school uniform, a rando lace camisole from the Banana Republic outlet, a formal weight-lifting belt, AND OH DID I ALREADY SAY HOTPANTS?