ONLY on The High Priestess of the Wacky Catsuit, Nicki Minaj, would a dress trimmed with a shag carpet seem like a snooze:

When you’re used to seeing a girl out and about wearing, like, a latex traffic cone covered in neon bubble paint, it’s kind of a let-down when she pops up at an event merely dressed like Stacey McGill, diabetic math genius and founding member of The Baby-sitters Club.

So, what do you think?

  • BORING. Bring back the catsuits, Minaj! (18%, 1,278 Votes)
  • Hello, her dress is covered with the shaggy duster pads you buy at Bed Bath and Beyond to clean your keyboard. FUG. (39%, 2,802 Votes)
  • No, she looks ADORABLE. (24%, 1,744 Votes)
  • She is MORE adorable when she's catsuited up. (11%, 772 Votes)
  • I hate it when we fight. (9%, 638 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,234

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