Ari Fugnor

I feel right now the way I did a few years ago, when nobody wore anything without jamming a pair of leggings under it.

I need sheer to STOP. I’M OUT. I’ve got nothing. My well is dry. I’ve made all the window jokes, the bra-mask jokes, the forgot-your-real-shirt jokes, the thank-god-she’s-wearing-lingerie jokes, the boobs-craving-attention jokes. I’m beyond not liking this trend; I’m EXHAUSTED by it. This is just another cute girl in another misappropriated exotic tablecloth with another set of boobs playing peekaboo through some lace and LA LA LA LA CAN WE PLEASE GET PAST THIS BEFORE GLOBAL CREATIVITY OFFICIALLY DIES AND MY CAPS LOCK KEY GETS STUCK THIS WAY? THANKS.

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  1. TereLiz

    And maybe it’s just me, but off-white lace paired with anything white is always going to look old and dirty to my eyes. You know, if they weren’t already too burned by the fug that is this outfit to actually see.

  2. michelle

    A hearty Amen to that!

  3. Art Eclectic

    Even without the sheer that is one heart-wrenchingly fugly outfit.

  4. annie

    It’s like Miss Havisham meets Carmen Miranda

    • mary lou bethune

      That is funny. Why are the gals so intent on showing their bras there days? It’s not quite the article…..

  5. Annie E

    Your whole bra (or whole set of granny panties or whatever) showing through your outfit is not AT ALL sexy. It’s also not cute and it throws off the balance of an outfit. So basically the whole point if wearing something sheer is to prove to people that you are indeed wearing underwear.

  6. ashley

    that being said, i love the skirt….

    • Helen

      So do I. But not only is the top half wrong in and of itself, it doesn’t work with the skirt at all either.

      Cute shoes.

  7. AM

    Yeah, this has potential for cuteness somewhere, but the bra and the sheer and the mismatched color do it NO favors!

    • Bambi Anne Dear

      The bottom half needs petticoats for a 50s swing but that top just doesn’t belong with it. The shoes are nothing.

  8. Rayna

    The skirt and shoes are sharp. The rest is a hot mess.

    Heather, let me get you a warm cloth for your face, a platter of sandwiches and a pitcher of margaritas.

    I feel you.

  9. Chasmosaur

    What kills me is the sheer is everywhere. I’m a “plus” size (losing weight after an entirely too long missed hypothyroidism diagnosis). I had to get a good dress for a wedding this past weekend since I’m not quite fitting into one size of my clothes, and the others are tents.

    Even in plus sizes, they have sheer. I mean, I have to wear full-body Spanx to look appropriate in a dress right now – I don’t want sheer. My foundation garments are not in the least sexy. I ended up in a tiered faux-bandage dress that limited the sheer to the cleavage line and above. Ridiculous.

    Enough with the sheer. So few designers have the chops to really pull it off well.

    • Helen

      Glad to hear you got diagnosed finally, Chasmosaur. BTDT, took six years and 65 pounds for me – almost all dropped right off as soon as treatment started, you must be experiencing that right now. I well remember how maddening the in-between-sizes phase is!

      And I’m surprised, yet then again not, that you couldn’t find a dressy dress without sheer. How disappointing. I’m sure you wound up looking great, but it never feels right when it isn’t what you wanted!


      • Chasmosaur

        Actually no – it’s still a moving target and I never lost weight easily. It’s a royal pain. But the numbers are going down, that’s the important thing.

        And the dress I got was great, it just felt like the sheer wasn’t necessary. I just couldn’t believe how much sheer was out there.

        • Sajorina

          I think I that’s what I have! I have all the symptoms and the 40 lbs weight gain that came from nowhere, but every test they do comes out normal! Damn, hormones! The in between sizes part is the worst… I have clothes from sizes 2 to 8 in my closet! Good luck to the both of you!

          • ¬†Vandalfan

            Saj, just you wait until the hot flashes, The Change, and your clothing going from 8 to 18!

  10. kitten mittens

    I use to like sheer, it’s just been so over done a so poorly done by so many starlets, I’m tired of it.
    The top would look better with a gold or pastel bra. It still wouldn’t work with the skirt.

  11. Lynsey

    Yes but what about those lights? They’re pretty awesome, I must say.

  12. Edith

    Ugh. What a mismatched mess of fug.

    But thumbs up buttons! Oh happy day! I can tell everyone how much I love their wit, again, without spamming the thread!

  13. Art Eclectic

    For everybody who thinks that skirt is cute I HAVE DISH TOWELS WITH THAT PATTERN.

  14. Tiffany

    I don’t mind the light sheer button up tops that are out, if worn over a camisole or tank. I think when you can clearly see BRA it is a little tacky.

  15. dee cee

    But my bra matchy-matches my heels is not proper fashion exemption

  16. Gards

    Heather if it makes you feel any better, I don’t even know who she is :)

  17. Evangeline

    Sheer needs to go away yesterday. I used to wear sheer shirts back in junior high because I didn’t know any better (and why didn’t my mother stop me?!). It’s so tacky.

    I agree skirt fabric = dish towels but it’s still cute, and I’d wear it.

  18. fiatluxury


  19. Sajorina

    I love, Love, LOVE Ari Graynor!!! I must say that she looks very cute, but the skirt (which I love) and lace top don’t work! If she was wearing that skirt with a solid top in one of the colors of the flowers, especially that gorgeous red, I’d FAB it! Also, I think that black doesn’t go with everything, so even though the bra & shoes are nice, they don’t go with this dress at all! I like her red pedicure, though!

  20. Guerra

    This is pretty hideous, all of it.

  21. Lily1214

    I’m speechless.