Ah, yes, the inexplicable, indomitable, internationally irrelevant Lady Victoria, who has over time out-Peldoned even the Peldons. I thought she should follow a Kate Middleton post because they’re exactly the same — I mean, for a second I’m sure we all thought this was Kate Middleton, given Kate’s well-known penchant for draping herself in Her Maj’s discarded lace curtains and walking spread-eagle through the city.

Lady Victoria Hervey

Honestly, I thought she had run out of ways to outdo herself, but here she is with yet another jaw-dropper that her former Ab Fab mates Patsy and Edina (she once appeared as herself) would love — which is how she ought to know she’s doing it wrong. Unless shes angling for a Marks & Spencer underpants contract. But even that might not pan out, given the ferocity of her wedgie. Is she the Ziggy of events, do we think? Will she ever win?

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