You may remember Kate’s suit from today’s events — kinda, anyway; you’ll see — from that time she and Wills went to New Zealand and snuggled puppies. I will NEVER resist the opportunity to link to puppy snuggling — and that link also brings you Tiny Disgruntled Baby Prince George, so you might really want to revisit it.

And yesterday, she and he attended a reception to mark what the palace is calling “2017 UK-India Year of Culture,” with Her Maj and Phil, and the pictures were few and far between, but never fear. I have managed to persevere to bring you complete-ish coverage:

You know Kate struggles with cocktail wear, but I actually really like this dress — it is Erdem, and it’s very elegant. Her shoes are ALSO sparkly — thanks to Oscar de la Renta — and while I’m not thrilled by how Matchy-Matchy this whole thing is (which she also tends to do when it’s Cocktail Time), I really can’t complain about sparkly shoes.

Turns out Wills is VERY INTERESTED in all the Things From The Royal Collection Someone Dragged Out For This Event:

I’m not sure exactly what he’s looking at, but they seem to be old letters, and the idea that Wills is a lover of old letters, whom Kate pats gently whilst he reads them aloud to her, trills me to my very core.

Here’s another good look at Kate’s dress:

I feel like we’ll be seeing this one again.

[Photos: Getty Images]