Well Played: Kate, Wills, and George’s Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand, Day Ten, Part I


Today (so far) involved puppies! William holding George! And bracelets! ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME, ROYALS? I cannot take it: THOSE ARE MY THREE FAVORITE THINGS. Anyway, it was W&K’s last day in New Zealand (which has looked so lovely; I really want to visit and I can’t wait for our fictional Fug Nation Wine Cardigan and Bracelet Retreat), and they popped over to the Royal New Zealand Police College and took a stroll through the Civic Center to meet and greet people — including, I believe, our own Fug National Lipstick Librarian, from whom I hope we get a full report! — before heading over to the airport to fly off to Sydney. Australia promises a reception at the Opera House and at LEAST one more outfit today alone, so I will be posting again about that at some point (probably quite late in Los Angeles, for our now traditional Midnight Post).

Here, Kate is wearing her Rebecca Taylor suit  — all blue suits for the royals this morning, all around! – which we first saw back in 2012. Taylor is from New Zealand, so that’s a nice farewell nod.

UPDATED: The final photo now courtesy of our own Lipstick Librarian, who had an excellent vantage point!

AS ALWAYS: Our complete coverage lives here; if it seems like you missed Day Nine, it’s because they had Day Nine off and presumably spent it sitting around eating  Twizzlers and playing with the baby.

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  1.  Robyn

    I know it’s not clothing related but I came across an older photo of her with less eye makeup and it was so refreshing.

    I’m quite jealous. I’m from Canada and I’ve missed out on seeing members of the royal family at least four separate times either because of school or work (the Queen twice, Charles/Camilla and Wills/Kate).

    • Jessica

      I missed them driving past MY VERY HOUSE because I was in the other room, trying on shoes. SIGH. Not that I really could have seen them speed down the street but STILL COME ON ME.

      •  Steph

        Will, Harry and Charles visited my highschool the year AFTER I graduated. Ugh. My friends that were still there said all 3 of them were insanely awesome and Charles is actually quite witty and funny. Harry refused to leave a fancy computer lab because he was playing a game and of course, all the girls thought they would be the eventual Kate Middleton.

  2. Durnt

    I know that first picture is just one moment in time, but her face is totally saying, “I need to keep smiling, but I hope he doesn’t drop the baby.”

  3. Stefanie

    George is such a big serious baby. So cute.

    • KateA

      I know! He is just SO PRECIOUS! I want to kiss his cheeks.

    •  alamedapeg

      George might be five generations down from Queen Victoria, but He is also Not Amused.

  4.  Elizabeth

    I am glad to note the reappearance of Kate’s bubble umbrella. I got one just like it for my twelfth birthday, and I loved it. Of course, hers is probably armored AND sold out.

    Also, puppies.

    • Alicia F

      The last time I saw the Queen (saw her on 2 trips to Australia) she was carrying one just like it but with a yellow stripe at the bottom. There is probably a By Royal Appointment bubble umbrella maker.

    •  Jenny V

      I seriously covet that bubble umbrella and am going to need to find one similar soon.

    •  Elizabeth

      Maybe we could get monogrammed bubble umbrellas as souvenirs for GFY Nation: Down Under?

      • AnnieC

        best umbrellas ever! I’ve seen them at Target and TJMaxx. You don’t have to worry about poking a strangers eye out, the wind never blows them up, and you can have a small child carry the umbrella (they’re completely covered) and there’s a little wire at the top that you can steer them by. Definitely worth finding.

        • Gypsy Danger

          Agree! I have the same one, but with a black and white band at the bottom. The brand is Fulton. http://www.fultonumbrellas.com/index.html

          Founded in 1956 by engineer and inventor Arnold Fulton in a small factory in London, Fulton has grown to become the largest supplier of umbrellas and rainwear accessories in the UK today.

          Quality, technical innovation and fashion design are at the heart of Fulton ideology and we use only the highest quality materials and exacting engineering standards before we hand-finish every product.

          Our long-standing British heritage and quality design have been recognised across the world and we are honoured to hold a Royal Warrant to Her Majesty The Queen, and previously to Her Majesty The Queen Mother.

          Our in-house fashion design studio and technical research department ensure that Fulton continues to lead the industry, brightening up the dullest of days.

  5. annabel

    Those baby cheeks!!! This is so much better than Kim and Kanye. Looking forward to post #2!!

  6. jec

    I know that carrying Prince George outwards allows us to get a better look at him – and he gets to see what’s going on – but it always reminds me of lugging a bag of potatoes! Carrying him on their hip would still let us have a good look at his adorable being and would be more comfortable for them and him.
    I live in a suburb of Elizabeth where the Duke & Duchess will be next Wednesday on their flying visit to the city of Adelaide, and already there are signs up about detours in place and the best places to see the Royal visitors. I think seeing them on GFY may be the better way than standing in crowds for hours just to see a fleeting glimpse.

    • Carol

      Oh but you must try for a glimpse! The GFY nation NEEDS you!!!

    • Jessica

      I agree it would probably be more comfortable for her, but every time I’ve watched tape of them carrying him, he is SO SQUIRMY on her hip. He really seems to hate not being faced forwards. I don’t think they’re doing it intentionally as much as that’s the way he likes it so they’ve given up fighting it.

      • Jessica

        PS: If you DO go, of course you MUST REPORT BACK!! (I forgot to mention that because I should hope it would go without saying!)

        •  Billie

          I have to add, this is the only way to hold a baby when they are fighting you to get down and crawl. Poor Georgie, this is the worst age for traveling with a baby, they do not want to just be toted along!

    •  MelShoe

      My nephew was George sized as a muffin, I (along with his parents and grandparents) would have LOVED to carry him on my hip, but he would not tolerate anything other than being held like this. He wanted to face the world front on and was as cranky as all get out in any other position. Given that there are about eleventy billion cameras watching them, I can understand why they go with the position that causes the least tantrums…

    • toxxic

      They’re going to Elizabeth? Ha, bet they’ll double their security for that leg of the trip…

    • MsALVA

      At that age they have figured out that if you do the hip carry, they can twist their torso around and use their knees and hands to push against you. It’s their way of asking that they want DOWN. They don’t love to be carried because they’ve figured out crawling and want to do their own thing. I had a very squirmy nephew and he would seriously like, arch his back and try to launch himself from my arms if I did the hip carry. Facing him forward you take away his ability to push against you, and they can’t really arch/twist away.

      I bet they figured that whenever he’s being photographed, better make sure he’s happy and not being fussy, so front-carry it is. I can’t wait till he’s walking, they’re going to have their hands full!

      •  Kristin

        I had forgotten the arched-back attempted launch maneuver! I was terrified my kids would fly off and crack their heads.
        Lainey compared burly young George to Dudley Dursley, which was unkind but gave me a laugh.

  7.  Aspasia

    I think I will just start donning my wine cardigan whenever I read GFY. And I almost always Have A Bracelet, so that’s a relief.

    George is SO over it in that second photo. Probably missing His Dogginess, as Lupo would totally sympathize with George’s confusion over the Strange World of the Large Folk.

  8. SPJava

    Oh Yeah! I have missed this little angel pie. I love how unimpressed he is this time around at the airport, seemingly no squirming, all been there, done that, where we headed to now folks. I’m sorry we didn’t get to see George’s reaction to the puppies but perhaps TPTB feared that level of cuteness overload would be too much for mere humans.
    Can’t wait for the Australia arrival!

    • SPJava

      I’m so taken by seeing George that I forgot to mention I hate the look of the zipper on the back of that skirt. Its so obtusive it almost looks like the skirt is inside out.

      • AmandaD

        Agreed, I was just going to comment how much I dislike the look of putting the zipper on the outside. I really like the suit otherwise.

      • G

        Yep. Scrolled down to note that I LOVED the suit until we saw that brass industrial zipper. Ruined the look.

    • Sophie

      I don’t like it either. It’s ugly, and I think it rather unseemly to direct attention to a Royal behind (even if it does look that good)! Otherwise very nice. Wish I had enough neck to wear high-cut round necks like that, but I don’t.

      • Claire

        Why is this such a thing now!? So many cute dresses and skirts I’ve had to not buy because the back view is Exposed Zipper City. And a couple I have bought despite the zipper. But I think it’ll date an outfit even more terribly than the peplum GFY brought up yesterday, which can still at least be cute.

      • Lori

        Thumbs up for the “Royal Behind” (both the phrase and the royal heiny itself)

  9. calgirl13

    As one of the very, very few women left who work in a profession where suits are pretty much mandatory attire, I love the fact that Kate makes wearing a suit, nylons & heels so fashionable. While wearing heels everyday for 13 years has wreaked havoc on my feet, I still love putting on the suit & nylons for work. It makes me feel all grownded up.

    This tour is the best. Babies, puppies, random hot NZ guys standing next to Kate. I don’t want it to end.

  10. Sajorina

    PUPPIES!!!!!!! These pictures fill me with joy! And, Jessica, what would really kill you is if there was a picture of Kate & Wills wearing their friendship bracelets where Kate holds the puppies and Wills holds George while eating Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! ;)

  11. Mary

    How about “The D’s Knees”?
    Baby G and William do have the same hairline (both wear it well, I say loyally) but George has Kate’s nose. He’s just a lovely baby, and I can attest to the outward facing thing. My second was squirmy unless facing the world.

    • Claire

      I would buy the heck out of a book called “The D’s Knees.” Or “The Duchess’s Knees.” But we may admittedly be talking niche market here.

      • Kate

        I think The Duchess’s Knees would be a fantastic title for the kind of light-hearted mystery no one knows how to write properly any more – a Margery Allingham short, with Campion Woostering out all over the place about the red-herring significance of the legs of the nobility.

        • Jessica

          Yes! The issue also is that our heroine is not a duchess in the book (or is she?!) (she’s not) (yet) (MAYBE).

          • Lori

            Then it sounds like it’s time for another book! A sequel, perhaps!

            • Jessica

              Well, if the first one sells well! Fingers crossed. Also, hello, I am supposed to be writing it right now so….maybe I should do that although I suppose Heather and I can really call of this RESEARCH.

    • Annie S.

      I think Prince George is all Middleton from the nose up and Windsor/Spencer from the nose down. He’s got Kate’s eyes and nose (and hair, hopefully – we shall see in time!), but the cheeks and the epic pout are Baby William, Part Deux.

      •  Teresa

        I have heard that men tend to inherit the balding vs. graying gene from their mother and will typically gray or bald the way their maternal grandfather did. This does seem to be true with my husband, who started getting gray hairs in his late twenties but still has a full head of hair, much like his grandfather who was a full-on Q-tip. Can anyone collaborate this?

  12. Lipstick Librarian

    I was indeed there when they arrived at Civic Square for the walk-about. They were both so smiley and tall and gorgeous. Her hair was tied back and looked like it had been twisted. It was very pretty. And the blue suit was stunning in real. AND I GOT TO SEE THEM WITH MY OWN ROYAL FANGIRLY EYES! :D

  13. Sarah

    I meant to post on Monday that I was at the botanical gardens info centre opening in Chch and was so sorry that I didn’t get to see them more closely. It was great that Kate wore the red suit, made her so easy to pick at a distance! I had strategically stood behind a bunch of hospital patients in their wheelchairs and wrapped in blankets, hoping that if W&K came to shake some hands they would stop and talk to them!
    The funniest thing was that along with the gardeners in all their work uniforms, there was a random woman in the most ridiculous pink and orange dress and an ENORMOUS beehive hairdo. It was freaking cold, and she took her jacket off to better show off the dress, maybe, but the crowd around me dubbed her Tutti-fruity.

  14.  Shannon

    I am dead, I tell you. Dead from cuteness. Baby George AND 12 day-old future police doggies?! You have got to be kidding me! The only thing that will come near it is if they hold koalas while in Oz.

    The only little nitpick I have — once again, aggressive zipper. I don’t know who decided zippers should be a featured accessory in ladies’ wear, but they are wrong.

  15. lisa

    What is the brand of William’s watch??

    • Jessica

      It’s an Omega Seamaster. I believe it was a gift from Diana — he almost always is wearing it.

      • Sajorina

        I like it! It’s masculine, classic and elegant, but not flashy! Perfect for Wills!

  16. Laura

    I think they’ve handled the tour with George really well so far – they always look so calm. I know they have security out the wazoo, but I don’t have kids and I can imagine that if I was a first-time parent with a young baby, I would probably be nervous just going out into a REGULAR crowd situation as a regular person. If I was going out with literally thousands and thousands of people screaming and waving and taking photos and shaking hands, I would probably turn into a neurotic “Don’t touch my kid” mess.

  17. Raquel

    Who is the mysterious Lipstick Librarian? I work at the same library! I probably know you!

  18. Kate

    I love that the first photo is more proof of your prediction that George would LIKE TO BE DOWN NOW PLEASE. DOWN.

    • Annie S.

      George Caps is my new favorite GFY monologue.

      • G

        Rules for George Caps: Incredibly tactful and polite, but all phrases must end in full stop. Exuberant but adamant.


  19.  Joanie

    The only way this would have been better would have been to have Sweetum Cheeks patting the puppies.

    My goodness, they just are the most precious family, aren’t they? I <3 them ever so. And I never thought I'd say that about any royal

  20. toxxic

    I was watching them with the puppies when i was getting ready fro work this morning and i have to admit that some of those policemen(?) were preety nice to look at as well..

  21.  Nancy

    Yay!!! Wlls does actually hold the baby! Although Kate looks a wee bit nervous about it and George looks pretty grumpy, like he just woke up from a nap. I was wondering last week during the play date – how you get regular play dates for the world’s most famous baby?

    Poor tot will never have a normal life, either, growing up in the public eye, every mistake he makes magnified. He will have obvious advantages, but still, it won’t be easy. i have 3 good kids, but they all made mistakes (ahem) and It was tough enough, because I taught in their school, and people judged them more harshly than the average kid.

    I think wills and Kate are pretty level-headed (except her mother – I get serious social climbing vibes from her) so they will do the best they can, but you can’t escape that he will have a Suri Cruise life, but on paparazzi steroids.

    She looks good, and I think his suits all look too small.

  22.  Guerra

    He is gorgeous!! I love the way they dress him! I’m a sucker for traditional baby clothes, the shoes and socks just make the outfits!!

  23. camille


  24. Jules

    George really does look like Will. But I learned when I was pregnant that babies usually look like the father when they are born to assist with bonding (and some say so that way back when we dwelled in caves that the father had proof the child was his). It certainly proved true with our son – when he was born he looked exactly like his dad. Now he looks exactly like me. I’ve noticed this with quite a few other babies as well. So it will be interesting to see if George continues to favor Will or if in a few years he will look more like Kate. Can’t really lose either way!

  25. steph

    go! go to New Zealand! You’re halfway there, being in California. I went for 3 glorious weeks for my honeymoon and it was great. There are beaches, adventure sports, WINE, and great accents.
    I wish I looked nearly as polished as kate.

  26.  Charlotte

    Can’t start too early with the meet-and-greet training.

    Princess Estelle of Sweden, aged two, has been photographed a couple of times recently shaking hands like a champ. SO CUTE.

    • Donna J

      My 3-year-old will shake hands if offered, and sometimes spontaneously shouts, “Nice to meet you” to new folks. I agree it’s pretty cute.

    • Aparatchick

      Princess Estelle! There is one adorable little kid. Potential Friend of George?

  27. Harrybythebeach

    I love reading these Royal Visit posts. Your glee is infectious.

  28. Alicia F

    Young George is actually the spitting image of my friend’s baby. I can’t see the Cambridges, I just see Alison and Toby in him now!

  29. lali

    Thank fugness there is not a picture of The Royal Cheeks with puppies. I would have died from an overload of cuteness!

  30. Cat

    George is such a cutie and I love seeing Wills hold him. They all look good in blue and PUPPIES! I think I would have died from a cuteness overload if George had been playing with the puppies.

  31. Debbie

    More details on the Lipstick Librarian PLEEEEEZE

  32. Gretchen

    I have $10 that says that Prince George’s little white sweater is a handmade item. The trim looks crocheted and the seams look hand stitched. Maybe by the Queen Grandma? PLEASE LET IT HAVE BEEN HAND KNIT BY THE QUEEN GRANNY.

  33. Heidi

    Can I just kvetch about her suit jacket for a moment? I mean, I adore all of the cuteness, but the fit of that jacket is really poor–she’s too tall for it! The sleeves and hem hit at awkward spots…