As 2019 winds down, we thought you might be curious which of our posts this year were the most trafficked — both with and without the royal family (they can be a little dominant in the ol’ Analytics dashboard). I was surprised by some of them.

Regular Posts:

  1. The nakeds and the sheers at the Oscar post-parties were, as you can imagine, both a horror show and a draw.
  2. Remember that super naked Mugler Kim wore — the one that rekindled everyone ELSE’S interest in Mugler this year? Yep. It did its job.
  3. We all grieved the loss of Luke Perry. Most of us probably still do.
  4. Ten-year flashbacks typically perform well, but your favorite this year was of the 2009 Golden Globes, probably because in early January we are all so fresh and untainted by the exhaustion of the entire GAMUT of awards shows.
  5. The headline of this post says it all: Please Behold Gwendoline Christie. (It could as easily have been this Iris Van Herpen/Gwen Christie combo, too, which I like even better.)
  6. The entire Met Gala was a scream this year; your favorite post was the Thom Browne and Viktor & Rolf post, but you might even want to just revisit the whole damn thing via that archive.
  7. This one of Emily Ratajkowski in white boots and a weightlifting onesie (or whatever that is) appears to have made the rounds.
  8. The Oscars had a resounding pink trend.
  9. I laughed when I saw that this hideous Katie Holmes dress had done so well here.
  10. Megan Thee Stallion wearing all thee patterns rounds out thee list.


  1. Duchess Kate attended the BAFTAs in February, and wore a white McQueen with a disco pump that made us all swell up with pride.
  2. Y’all went nuts for Trooping the Colour this year, and I believe that is because Prince Louis made the most GLORIOUS FACES throughout, including this one — at which point he demanded his father and then made a stir over there too, to everyone’s amusement — and the one openly disdaining GrannyCam’s boring hat. That child is a star.
  3. Indeed, on that tip, Louis also had a lot of Feelings at Polo, which he attended with his siblings and Duchess Meghan and Archie, and stole her sunglasses.
  4. And, the Cambridge kids were amazing at Kate’s Chelsea Flower Show garden. (The Queen visiting, AND Mary Berry popping by an adjunct version of it, also rated.)
  5. Master Archie’s debut was also a hit with you.
  6. Kate, Meghan, and Pippa went to Wimbledon together, and the Internet ate it up.
  7. Wills and Kate went to a regatta gala and her ponytail was so good it physically hurt my own sad hair.
  8. Archie’s christening brought together the brothers, Diana’s sisters, and Doria.
  9. It says a lot that this post made the list despite only going up a few days ago: It’s George and Wills and Chaz and Gam-Gam in The Great Royal Bake-Off.
  10. I couldn’t figure out why the Easter Mass post made the list, and then I re-read it, and realized it also covered that story that floated the idea of Harry and Meghan moving to Botswana. So its popularity was probably discussion-based. Which is legit! We DID have much to discuss, and I’m sure 2020 will be no different.

Happy New Year! Almost.