Well! This was A DELIGHT! We’ve got a Meghan Sighting — she’s technically on maternity leave still, but it’s traditional for women in the royal family to come out for this event regardless (as Kate did after Louis was born) — plus Prince Louis’s Balcony Debut, and let me tell you, friends….he is a hoot. There is MUCH WAVING.

We’ve got hats, we’ve got babies, we’ve got Princess Anne in her sharp uniform, we’ve got Queens in carriages, we’ve got Meghan in Givenchy (per our friends at Meghan’s Mirror, without whom I would never be able to ID a single anything), and Kate in McQueen (per my own eyeballs). Friends, Trooping the Color is London’s hottest club.

How cute is this? (It’s also a subtle way of saying, “don’t worry; the Sussexes and Cambridges are getting along just fine.”)

Speaking of cute, this is amazing:


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