You guys, the Cambridge kids are a HANDFUL. (Archie is also literally a handful; he’s getting so big.) This was the King Power Royal Charity Polo Day, and Harry and Wills came out to play and raise money for a variety of organizations; Meghan and Kate and all the kids came out to watch Dad and Dad play, or in the case of Prince Louis, to NOT watch and to make Kate chase him all over creation instead.  Also: I couldn’t get this photo for us, but you do need to see Prince Louis showing off for Meghan in Kate’s sunglasses. It’s HILARIOUS.

The last time we featured these two women, comments got slightly hot and I’m going to preemptively ask y’all to keep it at a pleasant simmer today. I think we can discuss all manner of things — including whether or not everyone is getting along! — without it getting mega-heated, even if we disagree. Thank you! (And if this event was designed to prove that everyone is one big happy family, unfortunately, the photos didn’t really accomplish that, in my opinion. The pictures might just be coming in VERY slowly, but none of the foursome seemed to interact much. I will update pics if I get more good ones later, though!)

Now, here are our outfit credits! Meghan’s wearing this V-necked linen number, without the waist-tie, and it’s very billowy and roomy which I’m sure is airy and comfy on her right now. I actually love it as shown there, but I suspect she is not going to love how it photographs without the belt, because I think it aims for Chic Rich Hippie With Amazing Plants And a Great House In The Canyons, but accidentally veers a little housedress (I say this as a person currently wearing a housedress).  She’s also added to her Great Sunglasses Collection with these Givenchy aviators.

Kate’s giving LK Bennett a boost in her dress, although I don’t believe it’s available for purchase anymore. It’s very pretty though — you know I have a weakness for a patterned day dress. Her bag is Mulberry and it’s great.

Here are the respective social media posts:

And the Sussexes:

(You can click though the photos on each Insta post here, as well.) Let’s discuss!

[Photos: Tim Rooke/Shutterstock. We use affiliate links.]