This is a very cute outing!. My theory has long been that whatever is happening with the Sussexes/Cambridges (if anything), it’s that mostly the boys are being pills and not getting along and the women are essentially fine, and that certainly looked like the case here. Pippa also came along, so it was a real day ladies’ day out. Meghan WAS invited to Pippa’s wedding reception, and Pippa and all the Middletons came to Harry and Meghan’s wedding, so it actually isn’t that unusual for them to be socializing, but there is still something about this group outing that is sweet to me. Kate and Pips are by all accounts pretty close, and everyone knows that Meghan’s sister is THE WOOOOOOOORST, so it warms the cold chambers of my heart to think maybe the Middleton girls were like, “ugh, Meghan needs better sisters, let’s do it,” and decided to squeeze her in a sisterly sandwich at Wimbledon. (And after the ladies’ final — Serena, I still love you! — the Sisters Middleton went to men’s doubles, and Meghan went home to the baby.)

ALSO fun: That Pippa wore something mildly nutty (pretty, but mildly nutty; it’s this Anna Mason dress). Kate’s wearing her old Dolce & Gabbana (a dress I love, though I hate them as people and wish people would stop wearing them, but no one has; like ten celebs wore D&G last week). And Meghan is wearing an outfit that is VERY her — she loves a pleated skirt (this one is Hugo Boss and it’s fantastic), and she loves a white button-down. I actually love this entire look on her. Let’s discuss!

Also, this gif is going to be useful for me personally:

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