There was a LOT of Royal Shenanigans this weekend — a wedding! An anniversary! Cute pics of the Cambridge children playing in this very garden — and now, the opening of the Chelsea Flower Show. So there’s plenty for you to catch up on, as you procrastinate at work today.

Late last night (for me), Kensington Palace released some video, and an interview with Kate talking about her garden and why we should ALL GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY ALREADY. (That is a paraphrase and I might actually be quoting my own mother here.)

She seems to have put a fair amount of work and thought into this whole thing.  And in addition to all the behind the scenes stuff, she brought the family yesterday, showed up this morning for the opening to hang out with schoolkids, and went home, changed, and came back with the Queen. We have much to discuss!

This first look feels VERY Maxima to me from the waist down, although of course it is missing a giant-ass hat. (I bought some cropped, higher waisted pants in the J.Crew sale, myself, although mine are black. Am I too turning slightly Maxima? A fate I welcome.)

The second look is very Flower Show appropriate. It DOES make sense to wear a floral to a flower show. And this detail is EXTREMELY funny to me:

This is real cute:

I could keep posting videos from Twitter all day, but we’ve got a lot to discuss. This looks like a very enjoyable event.

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