First off, this dress is real pretty — and I’ve decided that after seeing 453,244 stories about BROKEN ROYAL PROTOCAAAAALLLLLL screeched from a variety of publications that don’t actually know what they’re talking about, Kate and Meghan put their heads together and decided that they’re going all one-shouldered and strapless at these events until the earth careens into the sun. Second, I am profoundly grateful to be able to inform you that Kate is wearing extremely good shoes. They are sparkly. They are metallic. I feel so seen. (I believe they are these Jimmy Choos; thank you, ladies of Royal Fashion Twitter for helping me with my job. These shoes are…..really very very good.)

Wills and Kate are at this event because, obviously, Kate is up for Best Actress thanks to her bravura performance in Keep A Poker Face While Prince Andrew Talks To You, and Wills is the front-runner for Best Supporting Actor in Murder Behind a Tiny Curtain: A Princess Anne Mystery. Also because William is the president of BAFTA — which makes sense, as I’m sure he is the Andrea Zuckerman of his family in many ways.

We’ll get into this look in more detail in the slideshow, but I feel that you probably want to know that Kate’s earrings were Diana’s, and that bracelet is one the queen often loans her, and which I love and will probably attempt to steal one day, and this very blog post will be the cornerstone of the unraveling of my legal defense. Well. We all knew this was going to be the end of me eventually.

This video of them taking their seats is amazing:

(a) the dead silence is VERY awkward. Play a jaunty tune or something!

(b) I am obsessed with the woman in black sitting behind them who smiled so hugely at Kate and then sort of chortled. I would totally be the Person Who Accidentally Chortled At Kate.

We’ve also got a longer video that ends with that bit above, but which opens with them walking in, and it’s a very good look at this dress:

In other Kate-related news that broke after Royals Round-Up but before right now, more deets on her Chelsea Flower Show garden have been revealed:

I truly wish I were the kind of Rich Lady who could help design gardens for charity! I would be so good at it! I too would wear a cozy sweater and sit thoughtfully on a log:

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