Greetings! As an FYI, I hope you’ve eaten your Wheaties, because this weekend is BUSY: The BAFTAs are Sunday, and the Grammys are ALSO Sunday. Will no one think of the bloggers?

I assume you’ve read this piece about Dan Mallory in The New Yorker and if you haven’t, you should. IT IS A RIDE.

Speaking of writers, Rosamunde Pilcher — the POLAR OPPOSITE of Dan Mallory — died this week. Her obit in the Guardian is lovely. I love her books. They’re so….sweeping and warm and hugely diverting. My grandmother, who died last year at 96, found a joy in reading rather late in life (she loved to read, but she only figured that out when she was like 75) and she was a huge fan of Pilcher.  The nice thing about figuring out that you love to read when you are 75 is that there are A LOT of books to work through. I think everyone’s Pilcher Starter Book is The Shell Seekers.

Speaking of writers, this is from last year — prior to the mid-term elections — but I was reminded of it after I watched Stacey Abrams give the rebuttal to the State of the Union address. It’s an interview Abrams did about her career as a romance novelist, and it’s GREAT. [Entertainment Weekly]

Riveting, at the LA Times: Thieves stole architectural gems from USC in a heist that remained hidden for years

At Pajiba, the answer to this question is OBVIOUSLY YES: Are You Ready For a Tyra Banks Theme Park?

This is a FASCINATING piece, at New York magazine, about the Porta-Potty king of New York, and his competitors.

At Celebitchy: Did you hear that Jennifer Lawrence is engaged? It’s true.

This is a really interesting– and useful! — interview with the copy chief at Random House. I am going to use his tip about zombies henceforth.[NPR]

At Lainey: This My Best Friend’s Wedding reunion cover is quite cute, and I miss Cameron Diaz.

Related, at Entertainment Weekly: How to determine whether a movie is or isn’t a rom-com

At Lainey: I liked this take on Bradley Cooper’s not being nominated for Best Director.

Again related: The New York Times sits down and figures out The Path to Oscar Victory for Every Best Picture Nominee

The Mary Sue has all the deets on the What We Do In the Shadows TV show, a project for which I personally am VERY excited.

This is interesting, at The Goods: How a false eyelash boom aided North Korea.