So! It seems we made it to the end of another week. As an FYI, the BAFTAs are this Sunday, and we can expect to see Wills and Kate there. Kate and Meghan both have several events on the docket in the upcoming week as well, so prep yourself for much duchess-ing. In the slideshow, we’ve got KISSING and kids and a cow. (A literal cow, I’m not calling anyone rude names.)

Speaking of the duchesses, in case you missed it earlier this week:

Kate wore some kicky boots to visit kids.

We rounded up similar kicky boots!

And Meghan’s shoes at this event were also divine. 

Elsewhere of interest:

Today, Kensington Palace announced that Harry and Meghan are going to Morocco from February 23 to February 25th. OSCARS WEEKEND? ARE YOU TWO TRYING TO KILL ME?! (I guess that’s fair.) Annnnnyway, leaving aside the fact that I will be EVEN MORE a husk of a person with terrible carpal tunnel by the 26th, this is exciting! Morocco is very high on my Personal Travel Bucket List so this trip should have a LOT of Exciting Photos of Places I Want to Visit And Learn About.

Worth your time, at the Washington Post: What the Meghan Markle rumors say about Britain and the world

Remember when those Swedish Crown Jewels were stolen? THEY’RE BACK! [Lowering the Bar]

The New York Times reports that they’re making a Charles and Diana musical. (It’s currently in previews in La Jolla.)

This is juicyRetired King of the Belgians faces daily €5,000 fine for refusing paternity test [The Telegraph]

Mark your calendars! In April, The V&A Unveils Queen Victoria’s Most Precious Jewel. I need to go to this!

Vanity Fair asks: Why Did Meghan Markle’s Friends Decide to Speak Out Now?

At Town & Country: Chaz and Cams are heading to Cuba

Also: The Royal We is currently on excellent sale for e-book. It’s $2.99 basically anywhere you get ebooks:

At Amazon.

At Barnes &Noble.

For your Kobo needs.

At Apple Books.

And, on social media:


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