Yeah, yeah — this post was totally inspired by Duchess Kate’s LK Bennett shoes of yesterday. (Those are great and CUTE and on sale, but if you’re looking for a less-expensive duplicate, these are pretty good.) But it’s also inspired by the fact that I fell into a Boots Wormhole over the weekend, during which I discovered that people are totally selling/buying Dr. Martens for real again (this was happening last year too, but the upswing in what I call Clonky Boots is legit). This is great news, because it’s MUCH easier to clomp around in your Clonky Boots than it is in less-clonky ones. I continue to wear the heck out of my classic Rag & Bone booties (despite the fact that I saw someone fashion-y on Insta dismiss them [not on me personally, in general] as “basic;” personally, I feel like one woman’s “classic” is another women’s “basic,” and also, let’s get real, I am basic!). I also am deeply coveting these, on the more Victorian end of the scale. And, as ever, I wish I hadn’t gotten rid of my Docs from the 90s. THIS IS WHY I’M A HOARDER.  (Part of the reason I fell into the wormhole is because I saw Heather on Friday and she was wearing these.)

Anyway, check out these lovelies. MOST of these are similar-ish to Kate’s, but not all of them — I wanted to give options for those of you who have enough black pairs of shoes!

FYI: GFY uses affiliate links where available, which means we get a tiny bonus if you get yourself something new. I can assure you that all boots were personally chosen by me while I sat around drinking tea and watching The Bachelor.