Last year at her first Endeavour Awards — which honor the achievements of injured or sick service personnel — Meghan wore a very well done McQueen pantsuit. I wonder if that business-chic choice, which went over well and looked extremely modern, is what informed this outfit, which is attempting the same kind of crisp swagger. Unfortunately, it falls short. I don’t mind this basic aesthetic or idea at all, but I think Givenchy turned out its best here, by any stretch. As noted in the headline, this is essentially custom: It was either designed for her, made from an existing design for her body, or tailored for her recently in a way that allows for personal adjustments. So why does it look like it’s made of one of Harry’s old white button-downs, shoved into a piece of cloth? Honestly, it’s not that far removed from the Husband collared shirt she wore when they debuted as a couple at the Toronto Invictus Games. Givenchy should do better for her than something she could’ve tossed together herself from found items.

Also, when you are anywhere from 6 to 8 months pregnant (depending on how accurate you think their due-date hints are), and you have Clare Waight Keller making you something more or less from scratch, wouldn’t you want something that is carefully crafted with that in mind? Something more thoughtful and loose and forgiving of whatever your body is going to do? This seems to have structure in all the wrong places — it’s tight on the bottom, which I can’t imagine wanting to sit in all night, and billowy like a pirate on the top. I completely understand that it can be hard for a pregnant woman to walk in off the street and find something that’s comfortable and which fits — I was pregnant with twins! I’m not a monster! I get it! — but I tend to think access to bespoke Givenchy ought to be the solution to that problem. And it isn’t really here. It’s possible that this arrived and Meghan was like, “UH, THIS DIDN’T TURN OUT GREAT, GUYS,” but there was less she could pivot to at this phase and so she had to grin and bear it. We will never know. But Givenchy has not, by and large, been a super partnership for Meghan.

The shoes, however. THE SHOES. The shoes are new, and they are beautiful. They’re her old favorite brand, Aquazzura, and they’re these black and gold confections called Rendez Vous that are also apparently available (for slightly less money!) in red and gold. I have been good about not coveting shoes in a dangerous way recently, but wow. I am going to sit on my hands today, because those are gorgeous, and they are most decidedly not in my Stitch Fix-size budget.

From social media, I can’t seem to detach these two tweets, so: Here’s a look at their arrival, and then what I really wanted you to see, which is the truly unpleasant and tacky and altogether hideous room in which they are handing out the awards:

I mean. What an unpleasant experience that must be for all and sundry.

Yes, Harry, do tell, HOW BIG? Is it *checks What To Expect* more of an eggplant, a pineapple, or a watermelon, would you say? (But seriously, dude, you might want to check yourself with the big-baby jokes because they’re basically big-belly jokes and not all pregnant ladies find that funny.)

In this clip of Meghan talking, doesn’t her voice kind of sound a little like Keri Russell’s?

Now THAT would have been a good twist for The Americans.

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