So far, if you discount her engagement press conference, Meghan Markle has worn pants at all but one of her formal appearances. (I assume lots of UK publications will be making Suits Loves Suits puns in their headlines.) It’s very Queen Letizia of her, and seems like a smart assertion of both her own style and her own territory. One way to avoid potentially irritating comparisons with Kate — and you know she’s going to get those — is to veer in a completely different direction altogether. Meghan has plenty of time and occasions ahead of her for cocktail dresses and gowns.

The suit is McQueen, a fave of the KP set. The wool version of the blazer and matching wool pants were thusly ID’d by Meghan’s Mirror, although I saw others speculating that it’s this virtually indistinguishable non-wool one which, interestingly, is shown on Bergdorf’s site with a near-identical blouse situation. (If the pants are wool, though, surely the whole thing is.) And speaking of that, the bigger story to me is that the shirt, by a brand called Tuxe, appears to be this snap-crotch bodysuit blouse. Meghan, you are bold, but I am not here for snap crotches. This seems not the least bit wedgie-proof. And what if she needs to use the restroom, and pulls a muscle trying to refasten that sucker? Can she text 911 — or 999 if they’re trying to get her used to the UK ways — to the person running the KP social media?

More on the fashions in the slideshow; let’s get to the social media stuff, which has angles we don’t yet from traditional photo sources — including a WEE bit of touching — and coverage of a mishap on neither Meghan’s nor Harry’s part, but which required her to help out one of the presenters. It’s very useful that she’s a pro at being in front of cameras, although she did seem a bit self-conscious at how long the script-flipping went on.

First, KP’s Twitter offers a decent look at the shirt from inside the venue:

I am not sure about the pussy bow, but I’ve never entirely been on board with those, so take that for whatever it’s (not) worth. Some of the royals reporters got good snaps from inside; these are a bit grainy but one of them also gives some perspective on both the shirt and Harry’s head:

As they headed upstairs, at the tail end of this clip, we get some mutual back-touching:

Here is the venue, which is typically heinous to behold:

Goldsmiths’ Hall is, as you might imagine, where the goldsmiths’ guild is headquartered, and has been since the 1300s… at which time it was their THIRD location. Also, the guild is called the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths. I love that, and in related news, I have just now started The Worshipful Company of Bloggers.

Here is the light goof; it’s nothing SHE did, at all:


I’ll update later if we get more. Now: TO THE CLOTHES.

[Photos:, WENN, Beretta/Sims/REX/Shutterstock]