I didn’t know this event was happening! (It was not on the Informative Post-It that I keep on my desktop, because it was announced yesterday and yesterday I was very occupied in cleaning out my freezer and re-organizing my cleaning supplies rather than doodling about on Twitter for once.) So I was surprised when this photos popped up for us in our photo service because I did not expect them —  and then I was surprised anew because Kate is wearing a mod-feeling lime-green dress (which I really like! This one is bespoke, I guess, but it’s based on this pink number) and a pair of great boots. (They’re these LK Bennett ones, and they are on sale.) If you’ll forgive the shoe-adjacent pun, this is fairly kicky for her and I’m proud.

Anyhoo, Kate visited two schools today because it’s Children’s Mental Health Week, and she is very into that. She apparently got to do all kinds of mental-health-supporting events, like crafts:

And this sweet club meeting:

And meeting this doggie:

And forcing children to run — er, I mean, emphasizing how exercise is good for your mood:

This is quite sweet:

Oh! And while I’m here — The Royal We is currently on excellent sale for e-book. It’s $2.99 basically anywhere you get ebooks:

At Amazon.

At Barnes &Noble.

For your Kobo needs.

At Apple Books.

Let’s get into it!

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