Trying to write this post has taught me that I do not know how a regatta works — I mean, I know it’s a boat race, but it seems very complicated! I can tell you that, in the final results, Wills’s boat came in third, and Kate was DQed, so technically her boat came in last, and I am certain there will be gloating at Casa Cambridge tonight. Other things I can tell you: The kids were there, and they’re VERY cute still, and that if you like Sporty Princesses, you are going to get one today because Kate’s in full ponytail, baseball cap, and shorts.

But she arrived in this:

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The top is by Sandro. It might have been cute with different pants, but she went nautical for the day (as did everyone, in their stripey-stripes, of which we clearly approve), so these sailor pants came out of the vault. They’re LK Bennett, and interestingly, I THINK they’re the same ones she wore back when they launched this event and it was announced that they were participating. Synergy from Kate! This is Heather popping in to embed the pic because Jess is working on Royals Round-Up, and I think this is… terrible. I am not a fan of those pants in general but particularly today the the fit on them looks a little bit off; there’s a certain clunkyness. It’s awkward with both the shirt AND the kicks (which are her Supergas, I believe, but I don’t remember if they’re the canvas or leather ones). Okay, I’m out; back to your regularly scheduled Jessica.

I can also tell you that if you like polo shirts, GET READY:

We’ve got better pics of this in the post, but I thought you might want to hear the crowd reaction to Charlotte, who is SASSY, let me tell you:

She was busy working on her scientific treatise on the nature of wind, you guys. She cannot be interrupted!

Look at all these boats!

Honestly, this looks fun. Should Fug Nation have a regatta?

This is very funny:

I dunno. I think a giant wooden spoon seems useful.

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